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Niagara Parks Power Station

An immersive multimedia light show at Niagara Falls
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November 2021
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🌊 Niagara Falls has a new attraction — the Niagara Parks Power Station.

At night, see the station come to life with Currents: Niagara's Power Transformed, an immersive multimedia show that will blow your socks off. The technology they use reacts to where you are on the floor, lighting is projected all around you, the music score is riveting, and the story is captivating.

See a sneak peek of what the Niagara Parks Power Station is all about!

👉 Learn more at Niagara Parks:

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Chief of Awesome, Content Creator, Video Producer, Going Awesome Places

Hey guys! I'm Will, content creator behind Going Awesome Places and this is a video I did in collab with Niagara Parks to showcase a new Niagara Falls 🇨🇦 attraction where they've opened up the power station to the public and even more impressive is their evening show called Currents. I wasn't joking when I said I got serious goosebumps!

2 years ago
Founders & Creators, Spotlight Sojourns

Awesome indeed, Will, well done!

1 year ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

That light show looks soooo good!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

This is really cool, what an awesome experience and way to tell the story of the power station. And totally different to my imagination of visiting Niagara Falls!

2 years ago
Travel Consultant, Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris

It is awesome! and teaches visitors Geography

7 months ago