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Coworking Bansko's Travel Startup Car
🚗 💨 Take a ride in our soviet LADA in the Bulgarian mountains

Here's a short story about "our" epic off-road Travel Massive car, which you'll find in the Bulgarian mountains...

I've been working and living in the small town of Bansko for more than a year now and got a really good connection with the coworking space over here. With 150+ digital nomads in town, it's a great place to spend time and hang out in a close international community in the nature.

One day, Matthias (the owner of Coworking Bansko) bought a couple of community cars to be shared between members. One of these cars was old soviet-era LADA Niva. These cars are famous Russians off-road vehicles, and made since 1977!

As the first person in the office that day, Matthias bounced the idea of sponsoring a Travel Massive logo on the car.

Of course we said 'Yes' 😄

The car was re-sprayed orange (the coworking space's brand colour) and a few other startups from the digital nomad community in Bansko chipped in as sponsors, including Insured Nomads, Salto Systems, Nomad Soulmates, and

Every time someone drives the LADA around Bansko, you'll see the Travel Massive logo proudly on the passenger door!

It's always parked in front of the coworking space, so come and visit us, and take a selfie with this soviet-era icon! 🤘

What's next? If you have some suggestions for our next co-branding, let us know in the comments below!

You can learn more about Coworking Bansko here:

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10 months ago

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Founder, Travel Massive

This looks like such a cool ride!

9 months ago
Founder, I Want That Flight

Ian we should get one for Melbourne!

7 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Good idea... hopefully it won't break down doing a hook turn on Collins St!

7 months ago
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