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Unearthed Retreats Retreat experiences across Australia and New Zealand

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An Australian and New Zealand marketplace, building community and helping you find & book retreats.

But where did it start?

Thrill-seekers, learners, teachers. Our life's journey takes many paths, some well trodden, others perhaps are little left of field. As curious souls and life-long learners Unearthed got stuck in and dug into the complex world of the modern "retreat".

Yes, we understand the term “Retreat” means a lot of things to a lot of people. As we put aside our preconceived notions we found common and uncommon ground between the ancient and modern.

At Unearthed, a retreat is a space for immersed, facilitated learning or wellbeing, where the person achieves some personal growth in any interest such as wellness, health, skill, trade, craft, sport or hobby. No matter how traditional, epic, kooky or quirky.

Our digging not only enlightened us but allowed us to build Unearthed, a business whose mission it is to make it easier for the public to discover, identify and reimagine their next holiday experience.

Welcome to Unearthed Retreats.

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Manager, Unearthed Retreats

Hello to the Travel Massive community and special thanks Macartan Gaughan from Tashi for introducing Unearthed Retreats. I look forward to good conversations and all that comes from a sharing community.

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi James, thanks for sharing your marketplace with the Travel Massive community. I like your brand value of "staying true to the transformational purpose of a retreat" ... well done on that. How are you reaching out to operators in Australia & NZ? Any interesting trends you're seeing in this space in the past year?

PS: The dome building workshop looks like a lot of fun... I might have to try that!

2 years ago
Manager, Unearthed Retreats

Thanks Ian, I am finding that in these early stages nothing is beating personal reach outs. The retreat industry includes a very large number of small passionate operators who really value someone getting to know them. Time consuming but incredibly valuable.

Trend wise, wellness is a huge part of this space however retreats are now popping up in many forms and more and more people are absorbing themselves in hobby / skill based retreats such as some building, photography and permaculture. It’s super cool to see and I love the quirky less traditional retreats coming online.

2 years ago
Founder, Tashi

It’s great to see an Australian company with such an innovative approach. Unearthed Retreats is redefining what a ‘Retreat’ is and showcasing the best escapes, retreats and adventures throughout ANZ.

2 years ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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Unearthed Retreats

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