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Nicolas Hoban
Co-Founder, Everfree

Before covid, I would travel at least once a year abroad. I've travelled to 6 of the 7 continents and become an avid travel photographer and videographer. I've lived in Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands and the UK, but now currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I speak decent Spanish and a little Portuguese.

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The Journey Backpack

Smart backpack system for experienced travelers
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Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast

A podcast for anyone and everyone in the hospitality industry
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Bansko Travel Massive

A travel community in Bansko, Bulgaria
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Where are you visiting next?

A discussion thread to share your next destination
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Eddy Travels AI Assistant

Make money from the travel recovery with a free AI assistant
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Ssamba Foundation

Volunteer programs to empower rural communities in Uganda
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BJJ Camp Finder

Find Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vacations around the world
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Coworking Bansko's Travel Startup Car

🚗 💨 Take a ride in our soviet LADA in the Bulgarian mountains
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Travel Business Lounge

A new podcast celebrating women doing big things in the travel industry
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Melbourne Travel Massive

A travel community in Melbourne

Joined July 2021


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