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Sustainable travel tips for Zanzibar?
Looking for recommendations for sustainable activities in Zanzibar
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16 days ago

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Founder, Travel4Purpose


I'm visiting Zanzibar next month and would love some recommendation of places to visit / experiences to get involved with that create a positive impact!

Thank you in advance :)

15 days ago (edited)

You might possibly find some ideas here -

15 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

This article recommends to visit a wildlife sanctuary called “Cheetah’s Rock” which promotes petting of cheetahs and other wild animals. In my view, this is not “eco friendly” so I’d be cautious about that particular advice.

15 days ago

Afraid I didn't read it all the way through - but good to know - thanks

15 days ago
Founder, Travel4Purpose

thank you!

14 days ago
Partnerships Manager, Hidden Lemur

Hi Sham, check this article at our platform Hidden Lemur:

15 days ago
Founder, Travel4Purpose

thank you! great tips

14 days ago
Senior Customer Service and Administration Executive, Imagine Cruising Ltd.

Since sustainable in regards to Zanzibar, definetly means to include the local people, I have two ideas. The problem is, that a huge amount of the profit from tourism benefits Tanzanian mainland or Western companys as its the case with so many poorer countries.

This I really loved, because it supports a group of women directly and for too many people tourism is the only way to earn their living on Zanzibar.

This tour operator does a fairly good job. Not all tours are really ecofriendly in my opinion so choose accordingly :-D

13 days ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

A great island, beautiful beaches and interesting culture and history!

12 days ago
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