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Airheart Explorer Discover where to travel and what's required

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🌎 As you’re planning your 2022 trips, Airheart Explorer will help you understand which locations are accessible and what’s required.

Search travel destinations by your vaccination status, and easily see what current restrictions and policies are in place. Pin routes on Airheart to receive automatic alerts whenever a restriction for your destination has changed.

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Content and Community Manager, Airheart

Hello Travel Massive Community 👋

My name is Brooke Ostrom, and I am the Content and Community Manager at Airheart. I’m excited to share with you what our team has been working on over the past year.

Launched during the pandemic, Airheart Explorer helps travelers navigate complex restrictions. Discover where you can go and see what’s involved in one easy-to-read format. Search restrictions by your vaccination status, and even filter out destinations by certain policies, such as a mandatory quarantine. We’re here to help you travel with confidence and take the stress out of planning your trips. 🙌

Speaking of stress-free trip planning… we’ve also been hard at work developing our core travel planning platform that is set to launch later this spring. With Airheart, you will be able to:

- Organize your trip (flights, bookings, reservations, etc.) all in one dedicated space, and receive detailed travel policy information every step of the way
- Collaborate with your friends and family on itineraries, and get updates when any changes are made
- Search flight availability for each route
- Find airline-specific and transit COVID-19 policies
- See visa requirements and application services
- Purchase travel insurance

If you find this interesting, we hope you’ll join our waitlist to be notified when we roll out more features. In the meantime, use Airheart Explorer to see restrictions for any upcoming trips.

Give us a comment, or reach out and say hello! We’d love to hear from you.

Warm regards,


2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Brooke, thanks for sharing Airheart on Travel Massive. The information is very comprehensive, well done! How do you keep all this information updated? I can imagine it's a big task to keep track of all the regulations... are these user submitted or researched in-house?

For anyone reading, here's an example search of Australia (where I live) to Thailand:


2 years ago (edited)
Content and Community Manager, Airheart

Hi Ian,

Thank you for the comment and kind words. We have partnered with several companies to provide data to travelers. Through our partnership with sherpa, we display details on the current restrictions in each country such as COVID testing policies, quarantines, and mandatory documents. The information on local guidelines, like whether public transportation is operating, or what the mask-wearing policies are, come from our partner Travel Perk. We also share local health data on COVID cases and vaccination rates in a country through Our World in Data. By utilizing all of these partnerships, we give travelers the information they need to help them travel with confidence and be prepared for their trips.

Kind regards,


2 years ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

I just took a spin on the website ... seems like a great resource in planning trips during these difficult Covid times.

2 years ago
Content and Community Manager, Airheart

Thank you for checking out Airheart Explorer, Ric! We're glad it can be a resource for your planning.

2 years ago
Founder, Our Tribe Travels & Family Home Swaps

Hi Brooke, this is awesome. I run a community of over 18k travel-loving families who are struggling to navigate the ever-changing rules and entry requirements.
I'm going to take a good look around the site, and if you fancy doing a live chat in my group to promote it, let's connect. I'm sure my members will love this.

2 years ago
Content and Community Manager, Airheart

Hi Susannah, thank you for the comment. I'd love to connect and learn more about the opportunity to share Airheart with your group. I'll send you a message!

2 years ago
Content and Community Manager, Airheart

Hi Susannah - it looks like we need to be following each other here to send messages. Please feel free to email me at brooke@airheart.com as well. Thank you again!

2 years ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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