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Paul Ryken
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Goal setter, goal achiever, never tell me I can't do anything...father, husband, practising minimalist, values-oriented, quality over quantity, marathon runner, digital nomad, Kiwi wandering the world. I choose experiences over material items. I value my friendships and close family. When I travel, I travel light - only a carry on bag - even for long trips.

May 2018
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Blogger demonstrating to how to travel respectfully


  • I am currently in Japan for three months travelling around exploring, eating, learning, and running until May 2023. Then back to New Zealand for a month and then to Indonesia for three months. So glad to be back on the road as a full-time traveller.

  • The Museum of Money in the old capital of Montenegro (Cetinje). It was almost like a museum of history given how many currencies had been used in the country over the years. The fact that we received a personally guided tour was extra special. Mntene... show more

  • Dangerously addictive, but so much better than surfing social media platforms. Plus I get to do people watching - a favourite pasttime.

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