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Good Awaits
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June 2021
A podcast exploring regenerative tourism in New Zealand

Join Debbie Clarke and Josie Major each Wednesday as we set out on a journey to discover what reimagining tourism looks like in NZ, unpack the nuances of sustainable, responsible, eco, community-led and conscious tourism, and move instead towards the mindset shift that is regenerative tourism.

We offer this platform of collective discovery for operators, travellers, and communities to share their stories, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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5 months ago
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Founder, Owner, New Zealand Awaits

Thanks Travel Massive for the shout out. Our podcast is a journey of collective discovery of what regenerative thinking looks like in a tourism context in our place, Aotearoa, New Zealand. After participating in a regenerative tourism course in New Zealand led by Anna Pollock (Conscious Travel) and Michelle Holliday (Thrivability), Josie Major and I knew we needed to continue these important discussions. This pause of covid and closed borders has afforded us time to reflect on tourism's impacts and imagine how tourism can serve the wellbeing of our communities. Our first season has had over 1200 downloads from listeners across more than 40 countries. Our guests have included Anna Pollock, Michelle Holliday, and 8 forward thinking tourism operators in New Zealand who are on a regenerative journey. We all need to be on this journey to have the collective impact required for future generations and planetary wellbeing, so please tune in, and share your thoughts and feedback with us.

3 months ago
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