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Sandra Weinacht
President + Founder, Inside Europe Experiences
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I love being a matchmaker and storyteller. My passion is crafting one-of-a-kind journeys for like-minded people.
Favorite part of my day job is product development: connecting travelers with beautiful destinations, authentic experiences, great food and the local people behind it all. I love traveling and live to travel also personally.

A passionate traveler + foodie plus journalist by trade, I got ‘sucked’ into the happy industry of travel in 2000, first as a tour guide, then soon in operations, sale and marketing.

I am a journalist by trade, travel expert by choice and proud co-owner of Inside Europe Travel Experiences (since 2007).
In 2020, I launched to share my food centric travel favorites.

Inside Europe Travel Experience is a B2B/B2C boutique tour company. Supporting local businesses, avoiding over tourism and taking the roads less traveled is part of our mission to empower people of all ages and background to #travelbettertogether.

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