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Budget saving tips for traveling with kids?

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Founder CEO, Gowhee App

Hi, I am Maud and the founder of the Gowhee App (an app that helps parents find places for kids anywhere in the world).

Traveling parents: What's your #1 budget saving tips?

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Travel Influencer and Creator, American Travel Family

Opt for hotels that include a free breakfast.

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Founder, Our Tribe Travels & Family Home Swaps

Hi Maud, nice to meet you.
I am a budget traveller and have several things to keep my travel costs down.
1) I'm always flexible about where I go and have a list of 5 destinations that I regularly check flights or transport for. Being flexible allows me to pick up a deal rather than getting too focused on going to a specific place.
2) I look at the best way to book my travel. If I go to Greece, I'll find a cheap flight to Athens and then pop over to an island using a boat.
3) I plan my transport in advance but wait until later to book my accommodation. In some cases (SE Asia, for example), I wait until I arrive and then pick up a late deal or find a local place to stay.
4) I use local guest houses and bed and breakfasts, OR hostels - far more cost-effective than a big hotel.
5) I always eat local. I love the local street food cafes as the food is far better than a fancy place.

Just a few of my budget saving travel tips :)

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President + Co-Founder, Inside Europe Experiences

Hello Maud, I've been traveling with our daughter since she was two weeks all, now a teen. My #1 tip is not to overthink traveling with kids, and yes, they come with a lot more stuff, especially when little, but we need to remember that people have kids everywhere, so you can always replace what you forgot or may need (except highly specialized foods which thankfully we didn't need). So I applaud you for creating your app and empowering parents to travel.

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Budget saving tips for traveling with kids?

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