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Budget saving tips for traveling with kids?
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6 months ago

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Founder CEO, Gowhee App

Hi, I am Maud and the founder of the Gowhee App (an app that helps parents find places for kids anywhere in the world).

Traveling parents: What's your #1 budget saving tips?

6 months ago (edited)
Founder, Our Tribe Travels & Family Home Swaps

Hi Maud, nice to meet you.
I am a budget traveller and have several things to keep my travel costs down.
1) I'm always flexible about where I go and have a list of 5 destinations that I regularly check flights or transport for. Being flexible allows me to pick up a deal rather than getting too focused on going to a specific place.
2) I look at the best way to book my travel. If I go to Greece, I'll find a cheap flight to Athens and then pop over to an island using a boat.
3) I plan my transport in advance but wait until later to book my accommodation. In some cases (SE Asia, for example), I wait until I arrive and then pick up a late deal or find a local place to stay.
4) I use local guest houses and bed and breakfasts, OR hostels - far more cost-effective than a big hotel.
5) I always eat local. I love the local street food cafes as the food is far better than a fancy place.

Just a few of my budget saving travel tips :)

6 months ago
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