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Washington D.C. Travel Massive

A travel community in Washington D.C.
Community leaders Jess Moss, Talia Salem, Miller Cornelius
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Tourist crowds on the National Mall aren't the only ones putting Washington on the travel map. Travel Massive D.C. connects the area's media brands, travel associations, hospitality reps, publishers, writers, bloggers, PR reps and more.

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CEO and Executive Producer, World Footprints LLC

Hello all. It's been a long time so I hope everyone is well and that we'll see each other again soon.

EVENT INVITE: If you haven't noticed on the event board, World Footprints is hosting a travel meetup in Silver Spring, MD on October 26, 2022. We toasting a return to travel with a glass on sangria (on us). We'd love to see our Travel Massive community again so please register at

1 month ago