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Los Angeles Travel Massive

A travel community in Los Angeles
Community leaders Lauren Goldenberg, Audrey Lo
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Travel Massive LA is a group of like-minded travel professionals who seek opportunities to grow their community through events and networking. We desire to make our events inclusive of all levels of those who work in the travel industry.

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Visual Creative, As Is LLC

Hi. Is this group still active in Los Angeles?

11 months ago
Storyteller, Writer, Content Creator & Brand Strategist, Freelance

Hi Brianna! Yes, we are. With COVID, in-person events have been challenging but hoping to get back in 2022 - Lauren

11 months ago
President + Founder, Inside Europe Experiences

Hello Lauren, would love to connect so we can reschedule one of our 2020 events with the LA chapter. for May 9 or 10. Thanks + Prost, Sandra

7 months ago
Visual Creative, As Is LLC

Thank you Lauren. Good to know.

9 months ago
Leisure Markets Manager, MarketID

Hi all! Visit Panama tourism board is throwing a free in-person evening event for all travel professionals in LA on March 31. More details and RSVP:

8 months ago
Storyteller, Writer, Content Creator & Brand Strategist, Freelance

Hi Kevin, would love to connect on how we TMLA can work with Panama tourism for a future event, follow me back so we can connect and DM on this platform, thanks!

7 months ago
Account Manager,

I would love to get more involved with this group. Can I please get accepted to join the facebook group?

6 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Tawny, I just added you β€” sorry it took a while. I hear Lauren and Audrey (co-leaders) have an event in the works!

5 months ago
Account Manager,

Hello Ian,
Thank you so much! I am looking forward to being part of the community 😊.

5 months ago
Principal / Public Relations, KNB Consulting

Hi there! Could some please advise the best person to be in contact with about hosting a meet-up for the LA group? Many thanks! Kristen

5 months ago