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TripGenie Show flight prices in Airbnb

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👋 Say goodbye to multiple tabs and endless flight searches.
✈️ Show flight prices while browsing Airbnb with TripGenie, via a Chome extension.

TripGenie consolidates the process, giving you all the necessary information in one convenient place.

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Indie maker

Hey everyone, excited to finally launch TripGenie on Travel Massive! I hope you all like it and find it useful! :)

💻 Get the TripGenie Chrome extension at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tripgenie-flight-prices-f/ikdboknkpdmbjkcoolkmfooflkdjbccg

11 months ago (edited)
Founder, CityHook

Love how simple and streamlined this looks!
Are you using Duffel for your flights?

11 months ago
Indie maker

Thanks a lot Kevin! For now, I'm using Kiwi's API for fetching flight details. I will consider expanding to other providers as I improve the tool.

11 months ago
Business Development, Travel Startups

Your extension doesn't work. Please, check.

11 months ago
Indie maker

Hi Leonid, what language/tld are you using on Airbnb?
Currently, all are supported except for: Azərbaycan dili (AZ), Bosanski (BA), Crnogorski (ME), Eesti (EE), Gaeilge (IE), isiXhosa (ZA), isiZulu (ZA), Kiswahili, Latviešu (LV), Malti (MT), Shqip, Slovenščina (SI), Македонски, ქართული, Հայերեն (AM), हिन्दी (IN), 简体中文 (CN).

If it's not the case, could you provide more information?

11 months ago
Business Development, Travel Startups

It doesn't work for ru.airbnb.com, but for airbnb.com it works.

11 months ago
Indie maker

I see, I had no clue ru.airbnb.com existed. The thing is, every domain that is meant to be used by the extension needs to be specified in the manifest file to obtain its permissions. So for the Russian language, I specified airbnb.ru. I will add ru.airbnb.com as well. Thanks!

11 months ago
Entrepreneur / Co-Owner, Abraham Hostels & Tours

Kiwi is one of the worst websites I have ever encountered. They are indeed publishing very cheap rates but I know so many people (including myself) who suffered from very bad customer service, or mostly no service after having problems with flight tickets bought through Kiwi. I highly recommend you to try another supplier

10 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Mateusz, thanks for sharing TripGenie on Travel Massive.

Do you have any research (or assumptions) about how many people book flights *after* accommodation?

I’d guess that travelers book flights first, then hotels (which is why you see hotels post purchase on airline booking engines). TripGenie flips this so I’m curious about the rationale.

What inspired you to build the project, and what was the most difficult or most challenging part of the process?

11 months ago
Founder, CityHook

You're onto something @Ian

I think what makes this interesting however is that you could use it as a great inspiration tool and it seems _so_ lightweight! What if the destination didn't _really_ matter, so in that case, why not start planning back to front?

11 months ago
Travel Tech Founder, Pangea

I agree - and actually a big inspiration of the AirBnB re-design last year to allow for more flexible search for accommodation was the realization that many (groups in particular) look for cool houses first, and then book around that, rather than picking a specific destination and dates. See here: news.airbnb.com/product-releases/airbnb-2022-summer-release/

So I think this fills a great niche for the users using this category search.

My concern as a flight booker though is how accurate are the results, and how much flexibility I have to tweak my preferences for the price? For example, I don't want to see anything with more than 1 stop, and sometimes may want a particular airline alliance so I can leverage points/status. Probably an edge case, but worth mentioning.

Overall, I think it can add a lot of value for those who are trying to find a cool place to stay at a low TOTAL price!! Nice work!

11 months ago
Indie maker

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Yes, just like Matt said, I built TripGenie mainly for the use case of exploring stays with flexible dates. One example could be someone who wants to stay in Bali for a month sometime in Q4. Finding optimal dates between air travel and available accommodation can be tedious, especially when there are multiple itineraries/dates at a similar price. That's where we can utilize the 'month'/'flexible' feature on Airbnb, along with TripGenie.

11 months ago
Indie maker

The filtering options can be expanded to what regular flight search engines use. Currently, the only preferences included are "Flight type" and "Departure location", since the tool is at the early stage of development. I plan to implement the exmaples you gave one by one over time. Thanks again for the feedback - super useful!

11 months ago
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