👋 This chapter is due for another meetup soon. It's been over six months since the last event.

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Johannesburg Travel Massive

A travel community in Johannesburg
Community leader Miriro Matema
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As one of the most popular destination City in Africa, as well as the gateway to the continent, Joburg is vibrant, cosmopolitan, and offers visitors an experience as diverse as the city itself.

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Hello Everyone,

Here's an overview of our first hangout for 2023.

Our Travel Massive Joburg Chapter has three core focuses in 2023:

1. To accelerate your capabilities in the network.
What would you like to learn that will improve the work you do or your business? Let us know how we can support you. Each of you has knowledge and skills that you can share with our community.

2. Foster collaboration, mentorship
What is a community unless we meet up often. Opportunities come to those who show up. So we look forward to connecting with you.

3. Improve access to grow your ventures and projects.
Do you have a project that requires support? We'll use the power of our network to connect you with the right people. Let us know what you need.

For questions, to volunteer to lead a workshop or to share your needs:
Email: miriro@gallivant.africa

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Announced 6 months ago