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Melissa Mansfield
Executive Producer and Host, travel-dance web series, "Follow My Lead"
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About me

I'm a writer, producer and on-camera host who explores the world through my greatest passion: dance.

In the first two seasons of my web series Follow My Lead, I take viewers on a personal journey of immersion in the iconic dance styles of Havana and Buenos Aires. In most recent documentary project, To the Heart of Dance in Cuba, I explore folkloric dance as integral to Cuban culture, spirituality and family life.

I believe that everyone deserves to find the challenge that feeds their soul. For me, traveling the world to dance – to learn from the best dancers in the world – is the challenge that feeds my soul. It’s what makes me feel the most alive.

Even if you’re not a dancer or a traveler, I’m certain that there is something you love that feeds YOUR soul and makes YOU come alive. I hope my experiences can inspire you to devote yourself to pursuing those challenges!

Why did you join the community?

To bring my travel-dance show to a wider audience, to inspire them to travel, dance and chase their dreams.

What is your favorite travel destination?


Where do you dream of traveling to?


Three words that describe why we should travel?

Joy, connection, love


  • 1) Cuba - for the rich music and dance culture - it's a dream destination for dancers, especially Havana. There's natural beauty and beaches too:) but I usually have a hard time tearing myself from the dance floor 2) Hawaii/Big Island - the beautiful a... show more

  • I live in NYC and I love this as a way to explore my own city in a new way!

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    Questo 2 years ago

  • Love this concept! My bff and I have always said we wanted someone to invent an app like this :D

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    Meet Halfway 2 years ago

  • I love this! As a dancer, travel is so important to me because I get to experience dance at the SOURCE. I've lived in Havana and Buenos Aires studying salsa and tango, and it was so transformative - because it's about more than just steps, it's about th... show more

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    Wider Worldview 2 years ago

  • This app sounds really interesting! I think sometimes the appeal of solo travel for me is NOT having to plan with other people haha :) This app sounds like it could really reduce the group-travel stress!

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    Troupe 2 years ago