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Megan Zink
marketer | photojournalist,
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Wildly curious demand gen marketing director, data-supported storyteller, creative strategist & travel photojournalist passionate about lifelong learning.

9-5, I lead a team of content producers, automation specialists, social media, SEO and multimedia team members to build demand generation for our brand, drive qualified web traffic and leads and establish us as thought leaders in the customer experience and reputation management industries.

I sell photo travel prints at and founded the travel media platform Recently, I launched the #WiderWorldview podcast on Mark Cuban + Falon Fatemi's new app Fireside to inspire others to tap into the world-changing power of travel. (

I also assist major travel brands such as Visit Idaho, Visit Lake Geneva and Visit Bloomington with their marketing strategies and occasionally I host charity events to fund educational programming and speak at marketing and travel events.

September 2017
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seeking like-minded connections with people passionate about weaving travel throughout their lives.


  • Also FWIW they do have enclosed options for the architecture tour with heated cabins! Shoreline, Wandella and Chicago's First Lady are all good options. I know Wandella and CFL have climate-controlled cabins, but just double check!

  • Welcome Lisa! I'm not local anymore otherwise I'd come see you at the T&A Show! (In Denver now). BUT I lived in Chicago/Chicagoland area my whole life before that, including 10 years downtown. As others mentioned, don't skip the architecture tour. Uni... show more

  • How COOL! OMG I love Havana. That is amazing. Please let me know how you like it, if there's any improvements I can make, or if there's any topic you think should be covered!

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    Wider Worldview 1 year ago

  • It's great! Not sure about winter wildlife but you can usually see deer, goats, elk and occasionally moose (be VERY careful, they can charge), - and some of the posts in the guide also outline caution needed because on some you will also be in bear, coy... show more

  • Hi everyone! Just moved to CO but was an active TM member in Chicago. Looking forward to getting to know the community and hopefully meet you at events!