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Wider Worldview A podcast about travel as an experiential learning tool

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Photojournalist and marketer Megan Zink interviews entrepreneurs, educators and explorers to inspire you to tap into travel and get outside your ‘comfort known’.

Topics covered include the psychology of travel, travel in the education system, accessibility to travel, conscious travel, responsible travel and more. #GetCurious and excited to learn something new.

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marketer | photojournalist, www.colorandcuriosity.com

Hi everyone! So grateful to the TravelMassive community to be able to share this new exciting project with a wider audience - I had the amazing privilege to study abroad in Florence in college - it taught me a lot about myself and others that I didn't necessarily understand, about how we are all really not that different and how much out there there is to learn in the world. I started this show to explore the power of travel in education, in building empathy and to change the world. Hope you'll check it out - and if there's a topic or place you think we should explore, please feel free to comment!! #GetCurious and see ya on the LIVE show! f.chat/Fwye

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Executive Producer and Host, travel-dance web series, "Follow My Lead"

I love this! As a dancer, travel is so important to me because I get to experience dance at the SOURCE. I've lived in Havana and Buenos Aires studying salsa and tango, and it was so transformative - because it's about more than just steps, it's about the people and the place the dance came from. I'm going to check out your show!

2 years ago
marketer | photojournalist, www.colorandcuriosity.com

How COOL! OMG I love Havana. That is amazing. Please let me know how you like it, if there's any improvements I can make, or if there's any topic you think should be covered!

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Wider Worldview

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