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Toronto Travel Massive bring together travel bloggers, travel media, tourism boards, travel-tech startups, travel companies, OTAs, hoteliers, travel PR/marketers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the travel space to meet, share and connect; foster collaboration and build meaningful connections.

We host free, regular events run for the community by the community. Would you like to sponsor an upcoming event, be a guest speaker, or lead a workshop? Email:

💙 Special thanks to some of our past hosts & sponsors:

G Adventures, Contiki, Saint Lucia Tourism, Colorado Tourism, Travel Nevada, Visit Guadalajara, Tourism Ireland, Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, YouTube Canada, Ontario Tourism, Tourism Toronto, Jamaica Tourism, Intrepid Travel, Urban Adventures,, Google Canada, Skyscanner, Flight Centre, Olympus, Visit Florida, Visit Berlin, Visit Great Britain, German National Tourism, Czech Tourism, India Tourism, Curacao Tourism, Visit Panama, Air Transat, Colombia Tourism, Copa Airlines, KnowRoaming, SnapTravel, Project Spaces, and many more.

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Travel Agent, The Urban Traveler/Expedia

Hey Travel Massive Toronto fam!

Can't wait to see you in a couple days!

As you may have seen on our IG or have been notified, we have switched our venue for this week’s social meet-up to the *brand new* Bovine Steakhouse in Union Station. Oh la la!

The good news continues to roll-in as Travel Massive Founder, Ian C, will be in attendance as well!

Ian will be here for a couple weeks and we are thrilled to have him back in Toronto (already twice this year!!) in attendance for our 2 June events.

If you would like to join our waitlists, check out the event links:
June 6 -
June 12 -

If you can't make it in-person, send Ian a “hello/intro” note.

Was feeling nostalgic. Here is a quick reel I whipped up :)

Pinned 12 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Thanks for the warm welcome Jazz, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone while I'm in town!

12 days ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Really looking forward to both events and meeting the new members in person!

Tonight for June 6th event we have an additional attendee giveaway $50 eSIM credit from GigSky for all your abroad connection needs :)

10 days ago
Freelance Writer and Travel Blogger, Superbubbie

Hi Kateryna. Thank you for organizing the photography workshop. Unfortunately I'm not able to make it tomorrow. I know it will go well. Merle

5 days ago
Travel Agent, The Urban Traveler/Expedia

Just wanted to say hi to everyone! It has been so long!

2 years ago (edited)
Founders & Creators, Spotlight Sojourns

Hey, the 1,001th member of this community just joined! We're Marilee + Paul Kostadimas of Spotlight Sojourns. Excited to connect with this dynamic community of fellow travelers and creators.

2 years ago
Chief of Awesome, Content Creator, Video Producer, Going Awesome Places

Welcome to the community!!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey all, you can now check out all past Toronto Travel Massive events (including livestreams) right here, on our platform. Enjoy!

2 years ago
Chief of Awesome, Content Creator, Video Producer, Going Awesome Places

Sweet, it's back folks!!!

2 years ago
Co-content Creator, Stuff To Do / Those2Girls

I hope to attend some events in 2022

2 years ago
Integrator and Project Specialist, Your Travel Analyst

Hi! I am so sad to have missed this most recent meet-up. Does anyone know when the next one will be? :)

1 year ago
Chief of Awesome, Content Creator, Video Producer, Going Awesome Places

Stay tuned here! We don't know when our next one will be but hopefully soon!

1 year ago

Hi all! Wanted to post in here quickly to introduce myself - I have a destination marketing agency and looking to build further relationships in Toronto. Hope to attend a Travel Massive event in YYZ soon! James

1 year ago

Welcome James! Looking forward to meeting you at a future meet up!

1 year ago

Thanks Cristina! Hoping there are plans for more events later this year!

11 months ago
Travel Agent, The Urban Traveler/Expedia


1 year ago
Chief of Awesome, Content Creator, Video Producer, Going Awesome Places

It was pretty awesome! It's been far too long and it was so great to see everyone <3

1 year ago

Welcome Kateryna! We are so excited to have you lead the next era of Toronto Travel Massive!

9 months ago (edited)
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Thank you Cristina, really looking forward to it all :)!

9 months ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Hello Toronto!

After much deliberation we’ve decided to start a Toronto Massive instagram account as one of the ways to support this community better. Come give us a follow at @TravelMassiveTO, find yourself, reminisce about the past events (we’ve chosen a few to populate this new account).

We also invite you to tag us, use #TravelMassiveToronto and invite @TravelMassiveTO as a collaborator to your Massive adventures ☺️

Lat but not least, if you are looking to engage w/ the community as a social media volunteer give us a shout at

Quick link:

~ Toronto Travel Massive team

Announced 8 months ago (edited)
Social Media Enroute Communications and freelance writer, Life is Full of Adventures

Following! ☺️

8 months ago
Tourism Marketer, Travel Life Media

Tour Operator Opportunity in Toronto! As a Toronto Travel Massive Alum I'm reaching out for a friend/client who is visiting Toronto on Nov 2 - 4th 2023. He's looking to meet travel advisors and boutique travel companies who are interested in learning more about Colombia, and explore how to build a strong and differentiated offer to clients with a successful Tour Company in the Colombia in the most vibrant up and coming destinations! If this is an option for you, please reach out to Rodrigo at : or WhatApp: at +57 310 858 4790

7 months ago

Thanks for sharing Dorene! For any travellers in town for this, highly recommend connecting with the Impulse team. I had a chance to experience one of their sustainable tours in Colombia - they are fantastic!

7 months ago (edited)
Travel Agent, The Urban Traveler/Expedia

Please share any future opportunities! As an advisor, I'd be very interested!

12 days ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Hello Toronto Massive!

We'd like to officially invite you to our upcoming Travel Massive Social on November 30th 🎉! Make sure to register, even if it is in the wait list in case of cancelations.

We are looking forward to seeing you out in a few weeks!

~ Toronto Travel Massive team

7 months ago (edited)
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Happy Tuesday,

Today we’ve got a question for our creator/blogger and photographer community members 📸

We are looking at hosting some learning events in the new year and would love to know what topics you are most interested in, here are some starters, share your thoughts in comment, feel free to add anything we may have missed!

1️⃣ Storytelling with photography
2️⃣ Improving photography as a creator/blogger: beginner, phone camera, point-and-shoot
3️⃣ Improving your photography skills: intermediate, have a digital camera
4️⃣ Improving your video and video editing skills
5️⃣ Other skill specific sessions: using manual settings, composition, light, people, architecture, food & drink, etc name yours
6️⃣ Monetizing my travel photography
7️⃣ Making Reels or TikToks (please say which)
8️⃣ Drone skills
9️⃣ Add your own

Can’t wait to see hear your thoughts!

~ Kateryna

Announced 6 months ago (edited)
Freelance Writer and Travel Blogger, Superbubbie

Hi Kateryna. I'm interested in beginner photography and other specific sessions. I'd also like to learn about video editing. And I'd like to learn more about blogging. Which platforms to use and creating a blog that works.

6 months ago
content creator, college instructor, freelance writer, blogger,

4 all day long...

6 months ago
Travel Writer, Travel with TMc

Hello Kateryna!
Thank you for organizing this. I'd love to learn more about video and video editing. (Maybe a hands-on SEO workshop too.)

6 months ago

#2 and #4 would be huge for me! #7 would go hand in hand with that for reels. Thank you!

6 months ago
Travel Creator, Consultant, & Community Connector, Experiencethisnext

Hi Kateryna

Looking forward to upcoming events. Definitely #6, would be so great to work towards this more this year!

5 months ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Hello Toronto community,

Since the inception of Travel Massive Toronto a few of you have won trips by attending our partner events with destinations or made connections that lead to trips and we'd love to see your stories.

Whether you attended and were lucky to be whisked away on a trip (remember the Taiwan event?), worked through a giveaway challange or made your own connections through Travel Massive, it's an inspiring story. This could have been a dream trip or a life changing opportunity and we are very happy to be the linchpin in that adventure and excited to continue offering these connections to our members.

So let's look back at the last decade:
- Are you one of the giveaway recipients
- Have you have met someone at a Travel Massive which led you to a trip or a documented partnership
- Did you enjoyed the event so much that you created content about it or the topic you learned about (blog posts, reels, IG posts)
- Do you have a story of how Travel Massive has impacted you, that you'd like to share

Please share it with us, you can do so by commenting on this post (so others can see and be inspired :) or email it to us directly to

We cannot wait to see your stories

~ Team Toronto Travel Massive

Announced 5 months ago (edited)
Freelance Writer, Travel Blogger @DownshiftingPRO,

Living 2 hours away, sometimes you are not 'in the loop' and I welcome the opportunity to meet other travel industry professionals at a Travel Massive event. The friendships that I have made over the years with other content creators have been priceless. I look to these people for inspiration, motivation and generally great travel content. I travel with them to faraway places. I look forward to meeting more travelers at the next event.

5 months ago
Freelance Writer and Travel Blogger, Superbubbie

I've attended two events so far and met some very cool travel bloggers like, and @downshiftingpro. I'm able to learn from their examples. Thank you Kateryna for organizing the events.

5 months ago (edited)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a Toronto-based photographer - I started with weddings and family photography but gained traction in the travel, event (fam trips) and hotel space. Although my strength is photography, I'm building up my cinematic short-form video portfolio.

If you're on Instagram, feel free to give me a follow I'll be sure to follow you back and engage with your account :)

I hope to meet you all and attend a Travel Massive Toronto event.


3 months ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Hello Jessica, lovely to meet you and welcome to Toronto Massive :)!

3 months ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Hello Toronto,

Announcement: We have a giveaway for the June 6th event 🎁 If you are yet to sign up, please see full event details here:

The MEC gift:

1. MEC Outpost 40L Rolling Duffel (carryon size): Roll smoothly and quietly, with a bit of low-key elegance. The burly construction is water-resistant and tough enough to withstand being tossed into boats or flung around on baggage carousels. Expansion straps give you additional capacity for souvenirs or those times you want to bring just one more sweater.

2. MEC Travel Light Packing Cube 3-Pack Multisize: Keep the contents of your luggage organized and wrinkle-free with this package of three lightweight packing cubes. They are also useful for keeping shoes and dirty laundry separate from the clean stuff.

Product links are at the end of the page, total giveaway cost is 240+ CAD

Bonus: There will be another special treat for those who attend 😉

Contest rules:
Contest opens May 14, 2024, at 12 pm EST and closes on June 6, 2024 at 12pm EST

1. To participate in the contest tell us where you will take your new travel gear to next in an Instagram story or Feed post. Is it a camping trip in Ontario, a dream trip to Bali? Share a photo or a video of this destination, or tell us a quick story, we’d love to know.

2. Make sure to mention @travelmassiveTO @mec_toronto @mec and #TravelMassiveToronto

3. Follow @travelmassiveTO @mec_toronto @mec on Instagram

4. The story post must be up for full 24 hours. The feed post must be live at the time of the event, June 12, 2024, 8pm EST

5. The gift recipient be announced at the event on June 6, 2024 and must be present at the event in person to receive the gift

Good luck 🎉

Announced 1 month ago (edited)

Recently did a 2-month RTW trip with my 40L MEC bag, perfect size!

1 month ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Great to hear!

1 month ago

Hi Kateryna, I just tried to provide my name for the name tags via the Google Forms link you provided. However, I get this error message: "This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization."

Is there any other way to access this form?


19 days ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Thank you very much for calling out attention to it! All fixed now :)

19 days ago
Owner, Las Cascadas Lodge

Thanks everyone for hosting Thursdays event. Nice to get out and meet people who are passionate about travel!

7 days ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator,

Likewise! Thank you for joining us

7 days ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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