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The GATE Travels A Canadian online entertainment and travel magazine

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The GATE is one of Canada's few online, independent, entertainment magazines dedicated to telling interesting travel stories, especially road trip guides and destination reviews for couples and families.

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Editor-In-Chief, The GATE

The GATE has been one of Canada's few online, independent, entertainment magazines since 2001 (celebrating over 22 years!), and travel is a big part of the stories we love to share.

With a focus on original photography and video, The GATE creates articles and deep-dives into trips and destinations, with a particular focus on Canada.

I'd love to chat with anyone from the community. I've been around Toronto's media scene for a while, but I'm still pretty new to the travel community in a lot of ways. Happy to connect with anyone, and any new friends on the YouTube channel are greatly welcome.

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Hey Andrew, welcome and thanks for sharing your story.

I like the range of categories you cover in your feed. Addressing a few interdependent archetypes is exactly what I've begun to do with my nomad centric newsletter. Being a full-time working and travelling nomad of five years, I thought to collate, curate and share the copious amount of content (mainly photos) I've bagged during my travels.

Give your experience, be great to get your thoughts on Knowmad: knownomad.substack.com


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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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