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Ted Tahquechi
Photographer, Social Media Manager, Blind Travels

Denver based blind photographer, travel blogger and guide dog user. I am a photography educator using my art to make a difference. I lost my sight in 1999 and now travel and blog with my guide Fauna. I operate a blog for blind and visually impaired travelers. I created to be a resource for visually impaired travelers (with and without a guide dog) where I review travel destinations from a unique perspective for the visually impaired traveler. Before losing my sight, I worked for Atari, Accolade and Mattel Toys creating videogames. I also do public speaking speak engagements about vision loss and using art as a coping mechanism. Last year, with help from United Airlines, Hilton hotels and Amtrak I created a body of photographic work called Fauna's Adventures which promotes the use of legitimate service animals in the travel and hospitality industry. I love to travel and blog about my experiences and look forward to meeting others in the travel influencer community.

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I'm a blind travel blogger working to promote legitimate service animal use in the travel and hospitality industry.