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Paris Travel Massive A travel community in Paris

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Paris boasts some of world's best tourist attractions, a flurry of creative startups, big travel brands, bloggers in every language, and a continuous flow of travel industry folks. Innovation, startup pitches, demos and tech.

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Founder of a travel agency, Dunia Travel

Hi Travel Massive Paris. I just wanted to announce I recently launched Dunia Travel, an online travel agency selling tailor-made trips to Africa. Five countries are covered for now (Morocco, Senegal, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania). But we'll add more destinations over the next few weeks. The website is in French but we'll translate it in English soon. Stay tuned www.dunia-travel.com

Bonjour à tous. Je voulais simplement vous annoncer que j'ai récemment lancé Dunia Travel, une agence de voyage en ligne qui vend des voyages sur mesure en Afrique. Nous proposons cinq pays pour l'instant (Maroc, Sénégal, Namibie, Afrique du Sud et Tanzanie). Mais nous allons ajouter de plus en plus de destinations les prochaines semaines/ Gardez un oeil ouvert sur le site internet. www.dunia-travel.com

Announced 1 year ago
Biz Dev & Comms France, Civitatis

HI Travel Massive Paris Team, I just joned the community which I knew attending an event during the last edition of ITB Berlin. I recently joined a great company called Civitatis. Happy to connect!

Announced 2 days ago
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