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ZappTax Get VAT refunds while traveling abroad

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ZappTax helps non-EU resident travelers obtain VAT (value added tax) refunds for purchases made in France, Spain and Belgium.

🀳 Take pictures of your purchase invoices and get your VAT refunded in no time
⏱ 24/7 chat customer support during the entire refund process
🌎 Available to non-EU residents for their purchases in France, Spain and Belgium

Learn more at zapptax.com

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CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

This is a sweet app!

Are you looking to expand outside of these markets in future?

I presume your business model is centred around ease + taking a portion of the tax refund for yourselves.

How do you intend to market to non-EU residents that are shopping in these specific countries?

2 years ago
Co-founder, ZappTax

Thank your for your message.

Expansion in other countries like Italy, Germany and Portugal is on the horizon.

Advantage is indeed ease of use (everything in centralized in an app) + other USPs like:

- Works in all stores of a given country. Example: in France you have 600.000 retail points... but less than 10% offer a tax-refund service -> ZappTax works in all those 600k stores... as well as for online purchases.

- 24/7 customer service is a great asset. As one user once told me about his past experience: "There is always a good reason for something to go wrong with tax-free shopping". The chat allows us to interact with users all along their tax-refund journey. Users can ask us questions at the moment of their choosing... and we can push relevant information to them as well.

- ZappTax allows users to "consolidate" small purchases which are below the national threshold and would normally not qualify. For example the minimum threshold in France is EUR 100.

- And last but not least, we refund on average 20% more than what you get through the standard process (and yes our business model is based on a fee that we keep, on average 15% of the VAT).

Finally, marketing strategy will require that we hire local staff (Spanish for Spain, etc.).

Kind regards,

2 years ago
Director, Melanin Travels Magic Ltd

I have to use the service twice and was completely satisfied of the quality of the service and communication when in need of guidance.

2 years ago
Co-founder, ZappTax

Thank you for your comments. We are glad to see that you liked it. Jean-Marie

2 years ago
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