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Tripello Wholesale prices for everyone

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Tripello's subscription model unlocks rates previously reserved for OTAs, guaranteeing savings for every traveler.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hailing from Nevada, Tripello is on a mission to challenge the status quo in the travel industry.
๐Ÿจ The platform grants subscribers direct access to wholesale and net inventory rates for accommodation.
๐Ÿค‘ Savings of up to 65% or more, all without third-party commissions or hidden charges.
๐Ÿ” Join Tripello for free to search, and upgrade to access member rates.

Learn more about Tripello on our blog at tripello.com/blog/

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CEO, Tripello Inc.

Hi, I am Sven, Founder and CEO of Tripello and please let me share OUR STORY with you.

Tripello is first and foremost a love story. Itโ€™s our love story.

We met in 2016. The way that we met was one of those miraculous, magical, mystical events that defies logic but provides evidence of a larger, organizing universal structure. The story of how we met could fill a book all on its own.

It wasnโ€™t a โ€˜sweep you off your feetโ€™ romance; rather it was the beginning of the deepest, most authentic friendship that either of us had ever known, and neither believed existed. The romance grew organically out of this deep connection with each other and has never stopped.

We got married in October of 2020. Our day-to-day life together is one of co-creative, effortless functioning and flow. We โ€˜getโ€™ each other. Itโ€™s the kind of relationship that encourages each of us to blossom in ways that we never imagined possible. We talk more about this โ€˜co-creative flowโ€™ and other fun stuff in the Zen of Tripello blog posts.

Tripello wasnโ€™t built in a boardroom, it was created in our kitchen.

In early 2021, the universe brought us an opportunity. We always knew we would love to work on a business together and set our intention to that end. Through connections and friendships, and the strange magic of life, the idea of creating a new, unique, travel booking experience was born. Having travelled extensively in our lives and understanding how life-changing it can be, we fell in love with the idea that we could create an exceptional and affordable experience that would allow people to explore more of the world through travel.

We each had about 30 years of experience in business; Sven in Information Technology and Marketing, and Ren in Accounting and Finance. Leveraging our expertise in these areas was paramount in the creation of Tripello. It was as if all the knowledge and experience that we had gained over our careers was needed, necessary and utilized in this project, as well as some skills we didnโ€™t know we had. As we like to say, when you authentically desire something, the universe will make you the tool that can achieve it.

A New Take on an Old Idea

We both had an extreme distaste for the standard online booking experience. No one has really reimagined the experience of online travel booking in about 30 years. The sites all look the same, they are full of advertising and pressure to book and most have those unwanted surprises in the form of โ€˜taxes and feesโ€™ at checkout. We set out to reimagine the experience. We wanted the Tripello experience to be as relaxing as a vacation should be. In short, we wanted Tripello to reflect the effortless functioning that we live every day.

Wholesale Prices for Everyone

We also understood that travel can be expensive and that is often the reason that people donโ€™t do more of it. The crazy idea was born to offer true wholesale/net travel prices with zero mark-up. To offer people the best deals that we could find, so they pay what we pay. The subscription model allows us to do this, as the savings that we offer can recoup the fee easily. We think the world could use some no- nonsense, honest, transparent, mutually beneficial business practices, and thatโ€™s what weโ€™ve set out to create.

Free and Easy Access

We also wanted folks to be able to look around for free and see for themselves the incredible savings we can offer. It is super important to us to be completely transparent with our pricing, what we offer and how it works. All of this information is on the homepage. No need to watch a long video or go through 57 clicks to get access. The Tripello platform offers Wholesale Travel Prices for Everyone and it is free to join and look around. Come see for yourself is our motto.

The Adventures of Ren and Sven

The experience of creating Tripello together, has been our biggest adventure yet. All our love of life, and of each other is embedded in every facet of Tripello. It is our dream come true to offer the Tripello platform to the world and our fondest hope that people will seize the opportunity to explore more of the world, create amazing experiences for themselves and fall in love with the magic of life all over again.

Let us know what you think about tripello.com and thanks for your feedback!

7 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Sven, thanks for sharing Tripello with the Travel Massive community!

I tried a search in Australia for a well known hotel and the prices were indeed lower than the rate-parity bound prices displayed on the hotel website, bravo (and I don't know how you do it).

I've noticed subscription-based travel services gain popularity in some markets (US, EU) over the past few years. Were you inspired by these trends in the industry, or did the subscription concept come from outside the travel industry? And did you roll up your sleeves with your IT background to develop the platform?

A couple of quick bits of feedback:

* It would be great to see an "accessibility" search filter on hotel search. I see some properties say "wheelchair accessible" in their description, so it looks possible.
* (UX) Look into a 'skeleton screen' instead of showing the 'starting search' spinner (gives the user a better idea of what to expect when the results load)
* (UX) The color scheme is nice but imo the bevels/drop-shadow look a bit dated

Last question โ€” can you service customers from outside the US, or are you mostly focused on the US market?

7 months ago (edited)
CEO, Tripello Inc.

Hi Ian,

We are happy to be part of the Travel Massive Community.

I am glad that you found some good prices. We do have some incredible savings and some real gems.
Our Freemium Members can get up to 25% savings on Hotels over the OTAโ€™s and our Members up to 65% and sometimes even more. We do beat the likes of Expedia and Booking.com about 80% of the time.

I was working as a consultant for about 5 years on a similar project but it never came to fruition. During that period, I realized the potential, decided to do it myself, and created a new model which became Tripello. It took us 3 years to finish it. Completely self-funded. Everything I have ever done, every skill every experience started to flow into the built.

We wanted to offer the lowest prices we could have access to but to do that we had to have a completely different business model. So, we stripped everything. No Booking Fees, Commissions, Mark-ups, etc. That is what led to the subscription model as we do not make any money on Premium Member bookings. You pay what we pay.

We created a new technology, an aggregation engine which allows us for the first time to scan wholesale/net rate contracts in real time. We do not work from a set database like the OTAโ€™s. Every time you initiate a search we do a real-time, live search of thousands of contracts, collect all the data, sort it, and present it based on your search parameters. Our pricing is dynamic and can change as the prices usually do but the OTAโ€™s never let you see that. It is like the Nasdaq of Travel.

Because of that, we are not designed for last minute booking, because the closer you get to a date the less likely it is to get amazing savings.

I very much appreciate your feedback. The skeleton screen might be something that can be integrated in version 2.0 down the road. It is a bit complicated based on the design we have chosen.

The bevels/drop shadow is part of the Neumorphic design which in itself is fairly new. Not a lot of people have been able to apply it successfully to their website design as it is quite complicated. We are different than anyone out there and therefore we wanted to create something that also looks and feels different. All sites out there look the same and basically are the same.

We are releasing and updated version of our engine which will have more filter options and additional features soon.

We did not use a website template. Everything was coded from scratch and didnโ€™t use a responsive design either. We literally created three different platforms. One for Desktop/Laptop, one for iPad and Tablets, and one for mobile devices. That way we could give you a better user experience on each device. We are working on native Apps which will come in the near future.

Tripello is available and accessible from all over the world.

7 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Sven, very impressive that you've developed your own aggregation engine in-house and self-funded! ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

I'll try this out on my next hotel booking and report back!

7 months ago
CEO, Tripello Inc.

Sounds great, we are always open to feedback.

7 months ago
TV Host and Travel Writer, Traveling Cheesehead Inc

I have tested this out and am totally AMAZED at how much I saved on flights and hotels so far. Seriously - this is one heck of a program. One example: Our one-way flights from Chicago to BC were over $300 each with online searches and we were under $250 total (for both) going through Tripello.

7 months ago
Sales | Nomad | Photography, ahimsaimages

Hi Sven,

Thanks for sharing this tool. I'm super interested in the savings potential, and find the subscription model refreshing in a space that's seen little UX change in the last decade!

I understand that Freemium members don't have the option to reserve flights. I have two questions:

1. Is that why I get the 'Flight not found' wall? Despite there being several flights on the searched route for that date.

2. What is your thinking behind this conversion strategy? As a frequent flyer, I plan flights often well-before their departure date and so, I like to compare pricing, routes and airlines. With the current paywall, I'm restricted in doing so, which means limited utility for me with this app. Have you considered putting the paywall before check-out, instead of search?

6 months ago
CEO, Tripello Inc.

Hi Triv,

thanks for reaching out and having a look at Tripello. As a Freemium Member you can search the sight the same way as Premium Members do. There is no restriction in the search only that you won't be able to book it as a Freemium Member. You should be able to see the flights and the prices. What was your flight search, what were the dates so I could take a look?

6 months ago
Sales | Nomad | Photography, ahimsaimages

I did a random search of Sydney to Bangkok on 23 Jan 2024. Then I got 'Flight not found'. I tried a day either side and received the same prompt.

6 months ago
๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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