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Carlo Muies
Luxury Travel Photographer & Writer, Travel With Carlo
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I'm Carlo, a volunteer pilot, professional photographer & writer focusing on worldwide luxury adventure travel. I’m currently on a journey to visit every country in the world. (visited 122 countries to date)

I'm a nomadic British photographer & writer, creating luxury travel-inspired content under the name Travel With Carlo. I'm passionate about traveling so much that i became a pilot in 2018 with the sole purpose of using it to volunteer.
I'm committed to using my unique personal experiences to tell travel stories that are authentic & meaningful. I hope to inspire people to view the world in a different light.

August 2021
Global: I'm Nomadic
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I would like to connect with others in the travel industry while keeping upto date with all the latest travel info

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  • Forgot to mention that i created an Instagram guide of the best luxury coliving spaces around the world. Hope you find it helpful...

  • CAPE TOWN it is amazing in summer (European winter), honestly the best city i have ever lived in as a nomad. If you're looking for outdoor living there is no better city. Recently i noticed there has been a huge increase in the demand from digital nomad... show more