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What are your top destinations for Digital Nomads?
Where are the best places to work and travel in 2022?
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1 month ago

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I'm curious to learn more about what are the favourite destinations of digital nomads.

🌎 What is your favourite country / city to work from and why?
🧑‍💻 Would you recommend any coworking or coliving spaces?

1 month ago (edited)
Lifecycle Marketing, Lonely Planet

Hey Maria! I've been a digital nomad for the last 5+ years and the scene has changed drastically since the pandemic.

Right now, Portugal is the top destination for nomads. Lisbon is the top within Portugal, but many of the southern beach towns are popping off too.

Colombia (namely Medellín) is still a top destination for nomads. Colombia has seen a 300% growth in tourism these last couple of months. I expect to see it to continue to grow over the next year or so.

Other great nomad destinations:
- Buenos Aires
- México City
- Istanbul
- Berlin
- Canary islands
- Austin TX and Miami FL (I don't personally love the vibe of the US nomad destinations. The culture is a lot more transactional)
- Bali (making a come back since reopening)

I love Selina's coworking spaces but you have to be careful because some of their locations have turned into party hostels since the pandemic. Tough for working haha

1 month ago
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, HYVÄ Coaching & Consulting

#MontenegroWildBeauty. For many reasons!

1 month ago (edited)
Founder, Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel

Bansko, Bulgaria. It was the first destination that I visited (originally for a conference) and ended up moving to because I loved it so much (I'm more location independent than nomadic per see). Incredible mountains, great digital nomad community and very affordable.

1 month ago
Content & Community, Travel Massive

More people should know about Bansko 🙌

1 month ago
Travel Writer and Photographer, Traveling While Butch

I am living in the middle of nowhere Italy....and I love it. It's not a hub, it's not popular, and it's perfect!

9 days ago
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