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Cheap flights with cashback

Search hundreds of websites to book the best flights and hotels, and get cashback.

WayAway is a brand new online travel search with a membership program (WayAway Plus) to automatically earn cashback on bookings.

WayAway Plus members can benefit from cashback for airline tickets (up to 5%), hotel bookings (up to 10%), rental cars and other services provided by well-known brands, including Booking.com, Rentalcars, Viator, and Hostelworld.

For example, the average cash given back (actually paid out via PayPal) for a NYC to LA weekend trip would be an estimated $99, made up of:

🛫 Cashback of $28 for the $282 round-trip flight
🏨 Cashback of $62 for the $619 hotel booking
🚗 Cashback of $9 for the $183 car rental

Unlike other programs, the cashback available for WayAway Plus is actually real, hard cash. After the journey is complete, members can withdraw money via PayPal.

WayAway grew out of Travelpayouts — the world’s largest travel affiliate network operating in 35 countries.

👋 Learn more about us at wayaway.io/about

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2 months ago

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Director Of Communications, WayAway

Hi everyone, and thanks for upvoting our new travel app!

WayAway features one-of-a-kind travel cashback that lets users save big on all sorts of travel deals, including airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, tours and activities. But there is more! Today you can join our affiliate program and earn commissions with a travel brand you'd love to use yourself 👉 tp.click/2s9

Affiliates receive up to 50% of the income that WayAway receives from airline ticket sales offered by agencies and airlines. In addition, partners receive $10 per sale of a WayAway Plus membership plan

🚨 A special offer applies to early-bird partners who join the affiliate program before October 31, 2022 🚨

If you work with travel traffic, the WayAway affiliate program is your chance to earn more. Join us today to get the special offer for new affiliates!

2 months ago
Founder & CEO, Yugen Earthside

How does this work for things like flight bookings? I hear so many horror stories of booking flights, specifically, through third parties that I pretty much will always go directly to the airline now. If somebody books a flight through WayAway and there's a problem, how is it handled?

2 months ago
Director Of Communications, WayAway

For flight bookings, WayAway redirects users to carriers & OTA. However, our customer support team is 100% involved in every case. So if you need to cancel or change the reservation, we're on your side 24/7

2 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Sharing is caring...I will be giving this App a look at. Thanks!

2 months ago
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