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The Wired Nomad Search digital nomad accommodations by Internet speeds

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The Wired Nomad is a search engine and aggregator for digital nomad accommodations.

πŸ“‘ Info on accommodation Internet speeds and other network details are crowdsourced from the community.
βœ… Discover download and upload speeds, latency, dropouts, and LAN port accessibility.
πŸ“ A map display helps to find listings for digital nomads around the world.

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Creator, The Wired Nomad

Hi everyone! I'm happy to introduce The Wired Nomad – a search engine for digital nomads to find accommodations with suitable Internet speeds. Supported booking platforms include: Airbnb, Vrbo, Flatio, and NomadStays.

Context: "Digital nomads", or people who remote work but like to travel around, need good & reliable Internet speeds, and even low latency, in order to do their work (more so if voice/video calls are required). Some people must even run a VPN in order to mask their location or simply for additional privacy. This means users may also want LAN access to the router for wired ethernet connection in order to maximize speeds and minimize latency!

Does it exist already? Sort of. Airbnb now has a feature for hosts to test their speed and advertise it on their listing page. Unfortunately, only download speed is able to be displayed. Moreover, VERY few hosts actually use this feature as it is not a requirement. There have existed a few Chrome extensions that try to collect surrounding area network speeds and average them to provide a result for the Airbnb listing, however this accuracy widely varies and cannot be seriously trusted. Also, who wants to be bound to a specific browser? A dedicated website is better, especially for those on mobile devices.

What's provided?

β€’ Listing link & approx. location
β€’ Download/Upload/Ping speed (sometimes jitter)
β€’ Accessibility of router LAN ports
β€’ Map and search functions to find listings in your desired remote work location based on speed and other requirements

Hardware (for hosts only):

(Optional) Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi Zero W internet tester node that periodically tests Internet speed/dropouts and uploads the results to The Wired Nomad web page for the respective listing.

We operate on crowdsourced data from both guests and hosts. Also, a hardware component has been in development for hosts if they wish to provide up-to-date verified speeds to the community.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Creator, The Wired Nomad

We've now updated the site to include prices (nightly rate in USD) and a maximum price search filter.

6 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Well done! A nice simple idea that’s practical and helpful for nomads looking for high speed internet.

Great to see Nomad Stays on there as well.

I’d also be interested to know the 4G / 5G signal strength in the area. Might be harder to get that data though.

What’s the fastest (and slowest) internet speeds you’ve seen?

6 months ago
Creator, The Wired Nomad

I'm so glad you brought up 4G/5G. This is exactly something we plan to add in the future using OpenSignal. A map overlay that can be toggled for cellular signal strength zones.

The fastest speed we have on the website is gigabit (1000 Mbps) up and down. Some of our listings do report speeds exceeding 1Gbps, however we ask for verification first before making those claims. Verification is a huge part of The Wired Nomad, and eventually it will be very apparent which listings present verified speeds and which ones are simply just reports.

The slowest internet speeds we allow on the website are 10 Mbps up and down. We strive to provide only high quality listings for digital nomads on our site. The mathematics behind basic web browsing (page loading) shows that once you get to 20 Mbps download speed, any excess speed is negligible for those page loads. Of course, for people making voice/video calls or streaming, it's a different story. We also recognize that some areas of the world simply cannot provide the best speeds so that's why we allow down to 10 Mbps to ensure the least amount of exclusion of regions.

6 months ago
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