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Connect with other nomads along your travel plan
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Connect and meet other nomads who cross your path. Yes, imagine arriving there and already having a group of travel buddies to hang out with, with nomad tips and events from a trustworthy community!

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Hello community !; my name's Carles and I am the cofounder of a social nomad app called Punta. Our idea is very simple: making the digital nomad life easier, starting from the social part. We already have a lot of people in Spain, Bali, Costa Rica and other European cities mainly. One can:

(1) Find other nomads along your travel plan and speak with them
(2) Follow your nomad friends travel plans

In a month:
(3) create events
(4) go to events and find events
(5) find nomad advises in the cities where nomads are voted by the community

Feel free to try it and let me know what else would you put in a social app that will ease the digital nomad social journey!

May the data be with you,

Carles :)

15 days ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Carles, thanks for sharing Punta with the Travel Massive community.

I downloaded the app and tried it out — very smooth onboarding and setup, well done! I liked that I got immediate feedback about people who might be nearby on my future trip (either days overlapping, or in same city).

If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to add rugby, cricket and AFL (Australian Rules football) as sports you can be interested in, if you want to attract more Australian and kiwi users :)

Perhaps an (ephemeral) group chat with people nearby (or on a country basis) could make the app more sticky. I'm not too likely to spark a conversation 1:1 with someone but I might add my 2c if there's a group conversation (e.g. someone asking for advice).

Hope that helps!

15 days ago

Hello Ian,

Thank you so much for your message. That is what we are trying to do: making it more social and more interactive. Thats is why we are adding the events part, but I do agree that small random groups should be part of it as well. I will try to think how to apply it :). Thanks for the feedback!

15 days ago