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Mechtraveller Mechanically-minded travel blog

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⚙️ Mechtraveller is a niche blog about geeky travel, attractions, history and transport.

The blog features an eclectic mix of ships, planes, trains, places where stuff happened, and places that curate it.

You'll find articles about technical museums, armed forces museums, military history, battlefield sites, factory tours, transport infrastructure, electric vehicles, amazing engineering & architecture, industrial heritage and where you can see it.

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Social & Travel Media Blogger, Mechtraveller.com

Hi, I'm Alastair. I’ve been a travel journalist/editor since 1989, originally in local, then national radio before moving online just before the millennium.

Mechtraveller has been running for a few years now. It reflects my own interests in the mechanical, technical, historical, engineering and military world.

There's quite a body of reviews, posts and news. And loads more to come!

1 year ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Alastair, thanks for sharing your blog with the Travel Massive community!

I'm a sucker for aviation and engineering museums. In recent years I visited aviation museums in Budapest, and in Moscow (who knew how many aeroplanes Tupolev invented!)

1 year ago
Social & Travel Media Blogger, Mechtraveller.com

He sure did! There's a whole bunch of museums around Moscow I need to visit. mechtraveller.com/sites-of-interest/sites-of-interest-in-russia-and-the-caucasus/
Heaven knows when that'll happen!

1 year ago
Key Account Manager, Drive to Russia

Hi Alastair,
Give me a shout when you decide to head our way (Russia) :-)
Would be an honour to share all the motorized history with that is on display in dozens of museums here.

1 year ago
Social & Travel Media Blogger, Mechtraveller.com

Tks Pavel. Will do! :)

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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