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12 days ago
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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey everyone, happy new year. I hope you've been keeping safe and well.

As some of you know, I'm a software developer and built this platform with lots of help from my friends @daamsie and @mplatts in Melbourne last year.

We spent many months creating the site that you see today, and have been making lots of small improvements along the way based on feedback from our community.

👉 We'd like to know what new features you'd like to see on Travel Massive in 2022?

Since we're a small development team and entirely self-funded (I don't get paid), I will prioritise smaller ideas over bigger, more complicated suggestions (sorry, no apps).

As an example, here's some ideas I'm considering:

• A map where members can share the destination they are visiting
• A place to search and connect with travel influencers & bloggers in our community
• Community points for supporting other people's projects (e.g. comment and upvote)

If you have ideas of how we can make our platform better, please share them here!

I look forward to reading your suggestions 😃

12 days ago (edited)
Co-Founder, CityHook

I'd love to curate lists of startups, podcasts and other topics. The list themselves could be a post like any other that we could upvote and discuss on too (very meta).

10 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

This weekend I added a (very simple) Discussion Board feature 😃

Basically, I rolled up all the posts that have the topic "Discussion" into a "Discussion Board" and added a quick way to submit a new discussion thread. We're still moderating new posts (nobody like spam) but this enhancement should make it easier to ask for advice from the community, host AMAs, or share your opinions.

PS: Credit to @maria-stoyanova for suggesting this feature!


8 days ago (edited)
Co-Founder, CityHook

Very lean! Shows the flexibility of the platform, Ian!

7 days ago
General Manager, LATC Turismo

I loved map idea! Maybe we could have a fixed location status vs. a "on the road" status, to show others where in the world we are at that moment?

I would love to have an easier way to connect with other members on top of following other users. Or maybe I haven't explored enough the new platform and there's already a way to DM other users?

5 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Rodrigo, thanks for the feedback and good idea about "on the road" status. You can DM with anyone who follows you (this is similar to how Twitter works).

4 days ago
General Manager, LATC Turismo

That is how I understood the system as well. It's a system that makes sense to enable DMs only for people who follow each other and protects from unwanted messages, but it also makes it harder for people to connect directly. I wouldn't mind receiving messages from people I don't follow if I have the chance to mute / ignore / block them if I find them annoying.

4 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

The challenge is that most people won't opt-in to receiving messages from anyone. I think the current system is a good way to get people to follow/connect with you on other platforms, too. It also encourages you to complete your profile, so the person you follow can check your credentials.

4 days ago
General Manager, LATC Turismo


3 days ago
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