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Recommendations on a US Media / PR professional?

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Hi, can anyone recommend a media/PR professional with good connections to U.S. travel media? Someone that you have worked with and got successful results.

10 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Ben, great question and you've come to the right place to ask 🙌

Here's a few Travel Massive members I'd recommend to get in touch with.

@tombuckleynyc — NYC based, co-founder of

@jessicaparker — Philly based (previously NYC), founder of

@kylie-robertson — NYC based, founder of

@kulin-strimbu — Denver based, co-founder of

@lisa-schwartz — Miami based, founder of

Hope that helps!

10 months ago (edited)

Thanks a lot Ian, much appreciated.

10 months ago
Tourism PR consultant, USA/CA., Kirsten M Schmidt Communications, Inc.

Happy to chat. I am an independent PR practitioner based on Los Angeles.

10 months ago

Hi Kirsten, thanks, I will reach out to you via DM.

10 months ago

Hi Ben, I'm a US-based PR professional specializing in the travel and tourism industry. I'd love to hear more!

10 months ago

Thanks Ally, I will reach out to you.

10 months ago