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Layla Turner
Travel Blogger | Travel Guide Writer | Australia & New Zealand Expert | Global House & Pet Sitter, Alial Travel Gal

Travel Blogger, Travel Guide Writer, World Explorer, Nature Gazer, Global House Sitter / Pet Sitter, Doggo Addict, Yogi Wannabe and Freelance Writer of things.
*Expert on Australia and New Zealand*

Other important things about me:

|| Coffee Addict & Nerd
|| Herbal Tea Connoisseur - the weirder the better
|| Matcha Green Tea Experimenter & Addict
|| WordSmith - I love Writing & Books - Knowledge is my superpower - I also drink like a Writer - jk :)
|| Global House Sitter & Pet Sitter - I have done this fulltime & permanently for years
|| I'm proudly Unconventional and I'm a Multipotentialite
|| I'm a Candid Blogger and I love Disruptive Ideas
|| Complete Doggo Lover
|| Having Conversations with animals brings me happiness
|| Long-Term Travel and Slow, Immersive Travel is my thing
|| Hugely into Natural Health & Mental Health wellness
|| One of my goals is to design and build my first Tiny House. And then build more.

Originally from a small town in the UK, I have been travelling since 2007.
I have lived in Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth in Australia, Auckland, Wellington & Mount Maunganui in New Zealand and Chiang Mai & Bangkok in Thailand and travelled many more countries.

I have spent a lot of time living in and travelling in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

I love to create in-depth Travel Guides and 'travel savvy' blog posts to show people how you really can travel on a budget, or how to travel for much longer than you think, just by having an open mind and changing up the way you travel.
I also love helping others create a long-term nomadic lifestyle.

I blog candidly about long-term travel and show you ways to live a happy & rewarding travel life and also take care of yourself - when you travel short/long-term or just if you live nomadically.

As well as travel, I'm passionate about Personal/Self Development, Mental Health & Wellness, being unconventional and living to your own passions and values.
I believe even if that means you're permanently nomadic, living unconventionally and designing your own lifestyle - we're all different, so we don't always need to do what society deems 'normal'.

I'm also keenly interested in Sustainable Travel, combating Over-Tourism, Van Life living, Tiny House Living and Sustainable/Green Design and Architecture.

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Happy & Safe Travels :)