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Transylvanian Coliving Coliving community in the heart of Romania

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Transylvanian Coliving is a 13-bedroom villa with modern facilities, in Sibiu, Romania.

🌍 Ideal for remote workers and digital nomads from all around the world.

🏑 The villa (private rooms with en-suite bathrooms) is located in Trei Stejari, a quaint and quiet neighborhood. Although Transylvanian Coliving is on a bustling street, the surrounding streets are very quiet.

🎾 Our huge backyard garden terrace has plenty of space to host events like day parties, picnics, and even multiple simultaneous Spikeball matches.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Our amenities allow for everyone to fill their days with productive hours. With blazing fast internet throughout the property, the highlight truly is the shared coworking space with ergonomic seating on the ground floor. You can also use our dedicated meeting call room for an undisturbed flow.

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Entrepreneur, Transylvanian Coliving

πŸ‘‹ Hello digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals!

We are Johnny and Bianca. Johnny grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and growing up around Romanian culture, he decided to move to Romania in 2018. Bianca grew up in Cluj-Napoca, a city known as the heart of Transylvania.

We took an alternative route and decided to open a coliving space after getting married. After searching for a few years, we found a beautiful space in Sibiu, Romania. We're committed to this project, as we are not just hosts, but also fellow residents in Transylvanian Coliving.

As remote workers and location independent proponents, we understand the struggles of this lifestyle. Romania has a soft spot in our hearts and so that's where we went to in order to create an environment where people like us can truly thrive.

One of the main reasons we opened this space was to attract more like-minded people and create a more ideal environment. This, of course, is only possible with you.

Come take part in this unique experience in a Coliving space! We are looking forward to hosting you and giving you a fantastic experience. 😊

🏑 About Sibiu, Romania
Known as the city with eyes, the houses watch wherever you go. The nights are full of castles, vampires, legends, and werewolves. During the day, you can appreciate the beautiful, walkable plazas with colorful houses, delightful cafΓ©s, medieval restaurants and many events… Welcome to Sibiu, Romania!

At Transylvanian Coliving, you're in a walkable neighborhood. Everything you need is within walking distance. If it's not, it's easy and cheap to rent city bikes or e-scooters. There's Bolt & Uber for transportation, and countless food delivery options.

Imagine waking up and getting a few productive hours in, taking a city bike to the park for some exercise, meeting some friends in town for lunch, riding an e-scooter back, and getting a few more productive hours in – all before the evening rolls around.

With multiple events hosted both in our coliving space and throughout the city, you'll find yourself struggling to attend all of the happenings.

When you're surrounded by the right people, you're truly elevated to new heights!

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Founder & Chief Deal Hunter πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ, RemoteBase Newsletter πŸ“₯

All looks good - maybe you've convinced me to include Romania in 2024 planning :)

By the way, the site shows 1month pre-book at €650, but the google form (below) shows €750


I would also include some info on getting there... what's the nearest airport? is there a train from major Romanian cities? If so how long does it take? Is it frequent? Is it expensive? has it got wifi?

Love the HQ images, especially the Airbnb photos of the rooms and balconies!

I think Romania will grow as a destination as the Schengen zone spreads - will look forward to watching you grow :)

7 months ago (edited)
Entrepreneur, Transylvanian Coliving

Thanks for the feedback, I've already implemented some of it :)

Yes, I've seen how Romania has been changing for the last decade or so and I agree

7 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

I'd love to visit this part of Romania! I spent a week co-living in Constana with some developers from Transylvania (they were working on hostel booking software at the time) and heard lots of great things about this region.

What's the best way to "get in" from outside of Europe? Are there many Australians in this area?

7 months ago
Entrepreneur, Transylvanian Coliving

I'd say the best way to get in would be flying directly into Sibiu from London.. The next best option is to fly into Bucharest then take the train. That train ride has an amazing view once you pass Brasov 😎

As for Australians, haven't met any yet here in Sibiu πŸ˜…

7 months ago
YouTube | Marketing Strategist, African Travel Crew

This looks awesome. Romania has been on my list for years.

7 months ago
Cofounder at a social nomad app, www.punta.app

Hello!, my name's Carles and I am running an app for nomads to find each other along their travel plan and they can create events there. I was wondering whether you wanted to have a meeting to see if we can help each other

7 months ago
Entrepreneur, Transylvanian Coliving

Do you have more info on this platform that you can send me first? I'd love to learn more before hopping on a call

7 months ago
Travel Blogger, Founder of Traverse/In Departures

Looks great, somewhere I've wanted to visit for a while. Looks like you have a great setup there for digital nomads and remote workers!

7 months ago
Owner & Events facilitator, Transylvanian Coliving

Thanks Paul! Let us know if you want to drop in for a visit :) The week starting October 15th there's the ASTRA international film festival in Sibiu, if you want to include that in your trip www.astrafilm.ro/en

7 months ago
Head of Product, Travelcoup

Looks fabulous. Visited Sibiu a few years ago, beautiful city. Good luck with your venture.

7 months ago
Owner & Events facilitator, Transylvanian Coliving

Thanks Daniel, appreciate it!

7 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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