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Modern Adventure Curated experiences for curious travellers

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We are a community that connects you to extraordinary travel experiences, with brands and tastemakers we admire and respect.

Modern Adventure is a new way to travel, purpose-built to offer singular travel experiences with brands and tastemakers we admire and respect, and to create a community who values going deeper.

Founded in 2017, Modern Adventure is a Certified B Corp and a certified Climate Neutral Business. We believe travel can be a force for good, and that how we travel matters.

🧳 See Modern Adventure's upcoming trips at modernadventure.com/our-trips/

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COO & Co-Founder, Modern Adventure

As a long-time member of the Travel Massive community, I know how important it is to share the privilege of travel and to use it as a force for good in the lives of the people and places we visit. We're always looking to connect with passionate, curious, like-minded people who love travel. Stay updated about us and our growing team here at Travel Massive and on LinkedIn. www.linkedin.com/company/modern-adventure

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