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Duffel is a platform consisting of a powerful Flights API and Payments API that enables any travel business to instantly search flights, make bookings, reserve seats, and sell paid extras like checked bags.

Put simply, we make it easy for almost anyone to start selling flights in a matter of minutes - compared to months. We've removed some of the biggest barriers to entry such as accreditation, upfront fees, and outdated technology.

Duffel was also built with developers in mind, offering simple, composable APIs, comprehensive documentation, and a robust testing environment to make selling flights as seamless as possible.

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Head of Demand Marketing, Duffel

Hi everyone!

My name is Krista and I am on the Marketing team at Duffel. I wanted to share a bit of Duffel’s story since it was why I was so excited to join the team:

πŸ’‘ The idea for Duffel originated during Steve Domin’s role as an engineer at GoCardless. He wanted to build his own weekend getaway generator and he expected that accessing inventory for travel supplies such as hotels, flights, cars etc. would be simple. The reality was far from this.

🚧 Accessing content was problematic and time-consuming - there were regulatory hurdles, cashflow requirements, and gated suppliers making it difficult for any new travel seller. This was a real turning point and the birth of Duffel.

🌟 In 2017, Steve Domin and Tom Bates founded Duffel with the goal of driving innovation, disrupting travel tech, and levelling the playing field for new types of travel sellers, all while improving the overall travel experience for users.

πŸ›« Our first product is the Flights API, making it easy for anyone to start selling flights in a matter of minutes, including the ability to search flights, make bookings, reserve seats and sell paid extras like checked bags. We wanted to create a self-serve model that travel sellers could use without the need for connecting with hundreds of airlines individually or becoming an accredited travel agency.

Check it out and sign up for free in under 2 minutes >

πŸ“ˆ Our team has now grown to more than 50 people who are all united by our core principles:
- People come first
- Never stop growing
- Stay fast and fluid
- Build with pride
- Understand the bigger picture

We are excited about our future but know we still have lots to learn along the way. Please feel welcome to share any feedback, comments or questions!

1 year ago