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Find places to visit based on activities, weather and budget
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July 2022
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Looking for a destination to travel to but don't know where or when to go? We use AI to help you find the absolute best travel destination in the United States.

šŸŒ We use data to help you find the absolute perfect destination to visit based on your activities, weather preferences and budget.

šŸ“† If you already have a favorite vacation destination, use our search function to find the best time to visit based on your weather preferences and budget.

šŸŽ’ Once our algorithm has found the right answer for you, start packing your bags... you'll be booking your trip in no time.

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Would love for everyone to check out the platform and give us some feedback. You can use the "Where" and "When" header sections to access the calculator. Cheers!

9 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Kyle, congrats on creating your platform! How long have you been working on the project, and what plans do you have for features and enhancements? What motivated you to create

One small bit of feedback: the bottom of the search sidebar is not visible and needs a scroll to access the extra options. I didn't immediately notice this. If possible, I'd find a way to eliminate the y-scroll so visitors can see all the search options up front.

8 months ago
Director of Engagement, Insured Nomads

What a great idea for the travel industry! It's easy to use and very organized, with really helpful information to filter from.
Would love to chat about partnerships if possible :)

8 months ago