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Trip Scholars Destination guides and curated travel resources

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Trip Scholars inspires travelers to learn about their destinations in advance.

An upcoming trip can inspire people to learn a new language, take an online class, read a book, or creatively engage in projects with children and family members.

We built Trip Scholars to help curious travelers, via:

β€’ The Roadmaps Blog β€” deep dive and guest articles about specific destinations, travel skills, unique approaches to travel, and traveling with kids and teens.

β€’ The Travel Resource Library β€” our multimedia library of individual travel resources that entertains, educates, and enhances travel planning.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about us at tripscholars.com/about-us/

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Trip Scholars Founder and CEO, Trip Scholars

Hi, my name is Erica Forrest, and I am a travel education specialist who helps curious people create more meaningful wanderings.

As the founder of Trip Scholars, I blend over thirty years’ experience in education with the discoveries made through my own journeys. Trip Scholars inspires people to make the most of their time before departure, allowing them to better understand their destinations and, ultimately, themselves.

I’ve spent my adult life devoted to two great passions, education and travel. After serving as a former Director of Hawaii Montessori Schools, a founder of The Family Learning Program, and as a teacher, I have discovered that we learn best when we are genuinely curious about a topic and often when it has direct relevance to our lives.

Travel provides us the perfect opportunity to channel our curiosity into deeper discoveries, and much of it can be done before even leaving home. I strive to make it fun and interesting for people to learn more and better connect with themselves, their travel companions, and the people they meet on their journeys.

Additionally, I provide one-on-one travel education coaching.

Visit the site to grab my free checklist, "How to Turn Your Vacation into a Year of Discovery!"

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Erica, thanks for sharing Trip Scholars with the Travel Massive community.

The Resource Library has some great content. Where are you planning to visit next?

PS: Here's some tech feedback: the "Subjects" and "Types" dropdown in the search filter on the Resources Library are obscured by the content. Looks like they need a "z-index" in your CSS so they are displayed on top.

1 year ago
Trip Scholars Founder and CEO, Trip Scholars

Thank you, it's my pleasure! It is always great to connect with other innovative travel professionals and I appreciate that the Travel Massive platform offers opportunities to bring us together. Thanks also for the tech advice.

A lot of the content in the Resource Library was contributed by our guest authors who specialize in particular destinations or approaches to travel so we have some real gems! It is meant to make high quality resources more easily available to people who may not otherwise have the time to do the research themselves.

My next trip is back to Hawai'i to drop our daughter off at her dorm room!

1 year ago
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