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Are you attending WTM London? Let's connect at World Travel Market (6-8 November)

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Founder, Travel Massive

It's that time of year when World Travel Market London (6-8 November) rolls around!

πŸ‘‰ Feel free to share if you're attending, speaking, exhibiting, hosting an informal meetup or event, or anything else worth sharing about WTM London!

πŸ“± Join our WhatsApp group to keep in contact with other members in London during the week (be sure to introduce yourself in the comment here first): tmsv.co/WTM_WhatsApp

🍺 We might arrange an informal meetup at a nearby pub. Keep an eye on this discussion for details and let us know if you're keen to meet up!

5 months ago (edited)
CEO, SnapSea

I'll be attending along with some of my team - looking forward to connecting with everyone there.

5 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

I'll be attending WTM and looking forward to meeting all Travel Massive members!

Also, I will be attending London Travel Massive's networking event at Stripe on Thursday November 2nd (there's still a few spots available).


5 months ago (edited)
Founder, Nuovi Turismi

I'll be attending all the days, maybe you can find me around Italy area where I have more contact. I looking forward to meet with everyone at WTM.

5 months ago
Co-Founder, Urbanist Travel

We finally made it in time to WTM which I can not be there but my Co'founder @Brian Letwin will be there! Great to connect with you all and Ian at WTM - I will invite him to join the chat and introduce ourselves from Vietnam :)

5 months ago
Founder/Consultant Sustainable, Earth Changers

WTM's looking pretty chocker, so see you on the 2nd Ian!

5 months ago
Blogger, Flying Fluskey

I’ll be there running around between meetings like a headless chicken πŸ˜€

5 months ago
Head of Growth, Byway

I'll be there on the Monday only - would love to meet up :)

5 months ago
Travel Blogger, Budget Bon Voyage

I'll be attending on all the days, looking forward to seeing some new faces.

5 months ago
Content Creator and Ex-Travel PR Manager, Wild Ever Since

I will be there all three days as a content creator, looking forward to meeting lots of new people!

5 months ago
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, Montenegro Adventures DMC

Hello everybody. I will attend as the exhibitor, so, most of the time will be at the Stand: N8-406 (Montenegro). We usually have coffee at the main alley one hour before the opening hours and will look for the info on that informal meet up at a nearby pub. Hope to see some of you there!

5 months ago
Founder & CEO, Yugen Earthside

I'll be there! If any super-sustainability-focused inbound/DMCs might be interested in joining the Yugen Earthside platform in 2024, please contact me; I'd love to meet!

5 months ago
Business & Product Developer, World Discovery

I'll be there the whole week - mostly having meetings but would be keen on attending the TM meetup :)

Would also love to meet other tour operators or travel agencies.

5 months ago
Founder, Wandr

I will be attending WTM and keen to meet as many Travel Massive members as possible!

5 months ago
Founding Partner and Director., Vumbua Africa

I will be attending with a colleague of mine..

5 months ago
Travel YouTuber, A Wanderlust For Life

I'll be heading to town (from Amsterdam) on Friday, so I'll miss the meetup, sadly. But still looking forward to the main event!

5 months ago

Looking forward to heading back to WTM for the first time in a number of years! If anyone is keen to chat about opportunities for destinations or are looking for representation in the UK/Ireland and/or Canada markets, let me know!

5 months ago
Founder, Travel4Purpose

Yes, my first WTM - super excited! Would love to meet you all. Having difficulties joining the whatsapp group, is someone possibly able to add me: +254796890444 would be much appreciated!!

5 months ago
EU/UK Marketing Partnerships & Growth, Camplify & PaulCamper

Hi guys, I'll be in town for it (6-8th) so would love to catch up for a drink. Ian....we are certainly well over due for one! Cant be there this week though sorry, but enjoy! I will join the WhatsApp.

5 months ago
Travel Blogger, Founder of Traverse/In Departures


I'll be there over the weekend as well as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Come say hello!

5 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey WTM attendees,

Join the London Travel Massive for a networking evening on Tuesday 7th at a great riverside venue at London Bridge β€” supported by Large Minority, Palisis and the Extraordinary Travel Festival. Bloggers, tour operators, startups, and professionals all welcome... come along and make some new friends in the travel industry πŸ˜€

All ticket proceeds go to the "Just a Drop" charity and welcome drinks will be provided 🍺

Get your ticket with the link below and hope to see you there!


Announced 5 months ago
Founder, Travel Jinni

I will be there. See you all soon. Thanks @ian for posting the thread. :)

5 months ago
Founder, Trippinbox

I'll be there Tuesday and Wednesday for the event! Hope to see some of you in person! Will join the whatsapp group too! Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about creating travel experiences in India and France. See you soon

5 months ago
Founder, Flight Mate Leisure Travel

I will be attending together with my team, looking forward to connect with other industry players.

5 months ago

Maybe next year. would love to learn more about it.

5 months ago
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