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Birding Guru Connecting birdwatchers and bird guides

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Birding Guru helps you find a tour for your next birding trip (or add your own).

Our mission is to bring birding to millions of people all over the world and to conserve birds for the next generations. We welcome local guides and tour companies to add their trips on Birding Guru.

🦜 Publish your tours. We have created a handy tool for adding tours to the site, which will be available to a large number of birders from all over the world.

👋 Get a professional guide page. Get your free professional page with all the info and active tours. Post a link to the page on your social networks and give your customers direct access to all your tours.

To get involved, learn more at birding.guru/how-it-works

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fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

Hey, everyone!

Nick is here, co-founder of Birding guru. I'm a passionate lover of birds and nature.

Our tour aggregator is already up and running. By creating our product, we want to help all nature lovers to find a guide in any country.

The whole team of our project are birdwatchers and we realize that the ways of finding a guide and a client are not obvious at all.

Please join our community at birding.guru if you:

1. are a guide and run multi-day tours or short excursions
2. love to observe nature and travel
3. want to become our ambassador in your country.

Birdwatching for everyone!

5 months ago (edited)

The best resource for birders I've seen so far!

5 months ago
CEO, Geotourist

It's a great idea! Well done

5 months ago
fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

Thanks, Shaon!

5 months ago
fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

Initially, our project was created to unite birdwatchers of different levels, regardless of the size of their life list and experience. Even if you have watched birds only 5 times in your life in the same park, you still have the opportunity to find like-minded people and show these birds to them.
A great example is me))
I started out leading tours in a park in Buenos Aires for my friends birding.guru/@buenosbirding
and now I do it regularly and have even planned a trip to Chile!

5 months ago

looks like a good product. How can I join as a guide?

5 months ago
fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

Fill out the form to gain access to your guide's personal account and plan excursions to the spots that you know best - we guarantee that you will find people willing to join birding.guru/become-a-guide

5 months ago
fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

We have released a big update on the website and are in a hurry to tell you.

In the first version, when birders sent a request for a tour, it went to the email, and then guides had to write a response, and then check whether the response was received, choose a convenient messenger (some use Facebook, some WhatsApp, some even ICQ, can you imagine?). Totally uncomfortable.

Now all communication takes place directly on the site. You choose a tour, write to the guide, and a chat is created between you in which you can discuss the details. However, you yourself know very well how to use the chat 😄

We highly recommend that all communications be conducted on the website, so that in case of disputes, technical support has the entire history of correspondence. Please note that non-chat communications will not count towards dispute resolution.

Guides will receive a separate letter with technical details and recommendations on how to make the most of the chat in their work.

Now is the time to register, find a tour and write to the guide!

5 months ago
fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

Hi! Let me share very useful updates:
Now each guide on our website has its own public page!

The main idea that we pursued when creating the site is to enable guides to find clients as simply as possible. Guides who do not have their own website should maintain pages on Facebook or Instagram, talking about the tours and excursions that they plan to conduct. This is not the most convenient way, since there is no search on the pages of social networks, and birders are forced to scroll through a lot of material to find the right tour.

Now you can place all your tours and excursions on the site and post a link to your personal page on your social networks. This will make it easier for birders to navigate what current tours you offer and will be able to book the one they like.
This opens up many opportunities for running your travel business. You can easily track the status of all your tours, accept customer requests and see all information in one place. You no longer need to pay money for the development of your site, and you can publish anything on social networks without fear that your tours will be lost in the news feed.

Register at the birding.guru, get access to your personal account and public page.
It's free, as always.

5 months ago
fundraising for travel startups, birding guide, Birding guru

Now we are actively entering the markets of developing countries (South America, Asia, Africa).

We need ambassadors who can form a network of guides and get a percentage of every tour sold on our platform.

5 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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