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About me

Hi I'm Rod, founder of,,, and

I've been working in the travel / bookings engine industry since 2009 as a Full Stack developer in startups like Handiscover and Quirkyaccom, helped them building marketplaces similar to Airbnb, now focused on my own projects but always doing consulting because I love it so much πŸ˜€


  • Thanks so much Dan! Would you mind to DM me on Twitter (handle @rrmdp)?

  • Thanks a lot Mark! Working on an example page so it's easier for users to undersand. Also, I got accepted by the Microsoft for Startups FoundersHub, waiting for a $2500 OpenAI creadit, I will use it to give 1 description for free to try.

  • Yes, also for travel software companies! I didn't think about it but I know because one of them reached out :)

  • Thank you Peter! It's incredible how useful AI is in our industry. For creating blog posts, videos, animating images, and of course writing listing descriptions and iamge captions.

  • Very interesting, the first time I heard about hybrid hospitality. Subscribed!

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    Hotel Nuggets 2 months ago