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Hi I'm Rod, founder of, and

I've been working in the travel / bookings engine industry since 2009 as a Full Stack developer, my main customer is the known quirky accommodations portal in the UK, it host around 5K properties and gets 3M unique visitors, we have been working together for 5 years.

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  • I haven't attended but looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for this cool article 😀

  • Hey Sarah 👋 Loved the job board and even more as a outdoor activities fan myself! Thanks for sharing 😀

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    GetOutdoorJobs 3 months ago

  • Appreciate you Juan, if you have any feedback or feature requests please let me know! Gracias :)

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    Tourist Itinerary Bot 5 months ago

  • Thanks a lot, Juri! I will be adding more languages based on users requests

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    Tourist Itinerary Bot 5 months ago

  • 1. Yes it's possible, I tried it with links to Viator but it needed to be more accurate so I took it away. 2. It's calling OpenAI API and using the model GPT-3.5-turbo. 3. Initially I made it for myself, just a little side project. Decided to post it on... show more

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    Tourist Itinerary Bot 6 months ago


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