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Maslol Create your own self-guided independent tour

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Create your own self-guided independent tour easily and efficiently with Maslol.

Maslol offers a variety of features — including uploading videos, audio, images, games, questionnaires, and even testing options for culinary tours, providing a unique and engaging experience for consumers. Additionally, clients can utilize coupons and rewards.

🤳Customers can embark on the tour at their own convenience and pace. The self-guided tours can be purchased through your website, optimized for both Google Chrome and Safari, ensuring a seamless and branded experience. This approach ensures that travelers remain engaged with your brand throughout their journey.

✅ Maslol has been tested by multiple companies and tour operators over the last two years. With offline mode, you can still ensure your content is available even when there's no network connection.

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Co- Founder, Maslol

Hello everyone! I’m Idan Dahan, and I embarked on an unforgettable solo adventure through South America a few years ago.

As a traveler who thrives on exploring cities through the eyes of locals and guides, I often found myself unable to join large groups of unknown travelers due to scheduling conflicts or budget constraints that made private guides unaffordable.

This realization sparked an idea: there must be a way to empower independent travelers with professional, flexible tours that accommodate their schedules and paces, while also providing tour guides and planners with opportunities to connect with new clients.

We’ve crafted software solutions precisely for businesses targeting travelers who seek alternatives to large group tours or pricey private guides.

👉 Introducing MASLOL (maslol.io), our SAAS software designed for the bustling global tourism market. MASLOL allows for the seamless creation, management, and sale of engaging self-guided tours, whether through captivating videos or intuitive smart maps, providing travelers with a constant virtual guide throughout their journeys.

Our platform is already trusted by:

• Multilingual tour guides creating and selling video-based tours.
• Diligent trip planners embedding and selling their secure digital plans.
• Proactive travel agencies reaching out to independent travelers with self-guided smart map tours, a true game-changer during peak seasons.

MASLOL is not just a tool; it’s a bridge connecting travelers to unique, personalized experiences while opening new doors for tourism professionals. It’s a win-win, fostering connections and redefining exploration and travel.

Join us in this exciting venture and let’s transform the way we experience the world!

👉 Visit www.maslol.io to learn more, or join the Maslol Creators Community on Facebook for news and updates: www.facebook.com/groups/537871241751042

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Idan, thanks for sharing Masol with the Travel Massive community.

Your platform looks very impressive. I imagine that developing apps for travelers to use in-destination is harder than it looks, with all the the different devices people use and the various scenarios (e.g. limited data, low battery) they are used in.

Couple of quick questions:

1. Have you worked with any travel bloggers or influencers to create tours from their existing content?

2. Do you handle the payments from the customers (on behalf of the tour provider,) or is this the tour operator's responsibility before they give their customers access to the tour on your platform?

6 months ago (edited)
Co- Founder, Maslol

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your comment.
I will explain.

Maslol is a software that allows any travel business to create a digital tour or smart map for his travelers.
The creation is web-based and not application and that means you can send a direct link of your tour or map straight to your customers. No need to install anything.
Not only that, your customers will be able to travel even if they have bad connections after they download the tour.
The system will allow the creator to limit the content visibility, meaning after 14 days the content can be disappeared completely from the client's phone!
This way we protect the creator's content from theft.

So about your questions.
1 - Yes we have bloggers and influencers, tour guides in the culinary world, historical tours and travel influencers that use our smart map to gain more control over their premium content.

2 - We do not handle the payments for our clients.
We are not exposed to the end user travelers information in Maslol, but if our client wants more exposure besides his own traffic we also offer traffic from our marketplaces and partners as affiliates to the creator content.

This will allow the creator to bring more revenue and customers that never know the creator.

Any other questions we will be happy to answer!

6 months ago
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