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Copenhagen has been dubbed the most liveable city in the world. Its eco-friendly (although slightly hazardous) bike lanes, its parks, playground and green areas, and the cool and clean urban landscape, ensures that Copenhagen remains a favourite for a weekend getaway or as the hub when visiting Scandinavia.

Copenhagen offers a multitude of experiences for all types of travellers – from the world-renowned restaurant Noma, the royal palaces, and Tivoli gardens, to free-town Christiania with its coffee shops, DIY houses and art, hipster neighbourhood Vesterbro and the numerous street festivals.

But Copenhagen is also the gateway to a wealth of great adventures in the rest of Denmark and the South of Sweden. From cultured Aarhus to hip MalmΓΆ, from the beautiful sceneries of Γ–sterlen to the Viking ships of Roskilde, this region is packed with incredible experiences waiting to be discovered.

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