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Mike Tewel
⭐️ Community Leader • 🤘 Rockstar • Hospitality Real Estate - Influencer Marketing - Event Production, Axcess Agency

I started my first businesses out of my parents' garage in Brooklyn NY, it was a wholesale company and we sold mobile phones and accessories to retail chains around the US, we later expanded to Latin America and relocated to Miami.

After bootstrapping 2 companies from the ground up, I sold my last company and decided to pursue opportunities that bring me more than just financial fulfillment.

I began organizing events and publishing ARTRPRNR MGZN to bridge the gaps between creativity and entrepreneurship.

As an artist at heart, my approach to businesses is often outside the box and I help my clients see things from multiple perspectives.

I believe that we live in an incredible time and have the resources for our business and lifestyle to meet.

I love helping people discovering unique market opportunities, positioning, and strategizing their brand, marketing campaigns. Over the years I got pretty good at implementing automation and setting up remote teams.


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