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Affiliate Marketing Q&A with Insured Nomads Learn about Insured Nomads' partner program for content creators

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Leading health and travel insurance provider Insured Nomads are on the lookout for new affiliate partnerships with content creators and influencers. The company increased their brand exposure by 2.5x in the past year working with more than 400 partners including travel bloggers, digital nomads, and startups.

We talk with Chris Nam, Chief of Staff and head of Marketing and Partnerships at Insured Nomads, about the benefits of their affiliate program, success stories, and what makes their insurance services stand out.

Gallery image 8 Chris Nam heads up marketing and partnerships at Insured Nomads, bringing on over 300 partners in the last year.

Table of Contents

  1. What kinds of travelers is Insured Nomads designed for?
  2. What features make Insured Nomads unique and innovative?
  3. What is the Insured Nomads Affiliate Program?
  4. What types of affiliates have found the most success with Insured Nomads?
  5. Why should content creators choose to partner with Insured Nomads?
  6. Are there minimum requirements to join the partner program?

What kinds of travelers is Insured Nomads designed for?

Gallery image 0 Insured Nomads provides insurance for remote workers, modern companies, and global travelers.

We support a wide range of travelers and primarily cater to digital nomads, expats, and remote workers โ€” but we also love the general traveler who gets on a plane to go to another country. Currently, our biggest markets are in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

We launched both of our travel and health insurance products in 2021 and weโ€™ve only seen an upwards trend since then. We seen over 400 partners join our network to showcase our mission to the world, an 450% increase in travel insurance sales volume in 2023 compared to the years before, and a 160% increase in website traffic over the last year.

Our new health insurance product is far more unique than our industry average and have seen thousands of travelers and remote workers coming to us out of curiosity.

What features make Insured Nomads unique and innovative?

Gallery image 5 Travelers can access a range of benefits via the Insured Nomads INC app

Our products are a new breed. We have added benefits on top of our general travel and health insurance plans that make us unique to the industry. Take a look at our INC app for the distinct perks like AI travel advisor, mental health support, telemedicine, local & global news notifications, emergency evacuations, and more.

Our unique products are underwritten by different underwriters and capacity partners; and also have a very efficient partner handling claims. However, we have quick access to our partners to expedite any issues if there is a concern.

What is the Insured Nomads Affiliate Program?

Gallery image 6 The Insured Nomads partner terminal provides helpful resources such as policy brochures and product links.

Our affiliate program is simple โ€”ย we offer 15% commission per policy to all of our partners.

As a brand ambassador, you take 15% commission of referred sales, and get access to our INC app. You have the option to take a simple referral code that has tracking available OR use our one-line code for embedded insurance for a widget to live on your platform.

We can also develop a co-branded landing page for you. Additionally, we can work on marketing campaigns as well including social media partnership announcements including quarterly shoutouts, newsletter mentions, guest blogs and articles, and anything of your choice.

Travel insurance is the simpler product for the affiliate program, but we do track commission for health insurance as well, via our whitelabeled partner-specific form. We provide embedded options and direct-purchase widgets for our travel insurance product (but not at the moment for our health insurance product).

We pay all of our partner on the first week of each month for the month prior to last (i.e. August payment will be issued on the first week of October). This is to prevent any last minute policy cancellations.

What types of affiliates have found the most success with Insured Nomads?

Gallery image 7 Flashpack offers boutique group adventures for solo travellers aged 30-49.

Travel arrangement companies such as FlashPack and Noma Collective bring a large number of customers our way, as well as employee benefits platforms like BenefitHub, BenefitPitch, Velocity Global and brokers such as Hub International, Pacific Prime, and Honan.

FlashPack is a major partner of ours who have seen massive success as a travel arrangements company. They started in April 2023, and have constantly been at the top of our partner performance charts.

Weโ€™ve seen success in niches like solo traveling, digital nomadism, living abroad, and group travel arrangements.

Travel tips, travel guides, city guides all in a blog or a website work really great to convert customers. Social media is a great place attraction potential customers who can see the brand, but ultimately will click through to blog or article.

Our distribution corporate partners have great success embedding our widget in their own purchase journey or a separate section of their website.

Why should content creators choose to partner with Insured Nomads?

Insured Nomads is all about culture and relationships. We wonโ€™t push you for sales, for marketing, or tedious newsletters about something you donโ€™t care about. You let us know how often you want to chat with us, how you want to partner with us, and how you want to place us in your market, weโ€™ll match your energy.

We will give you access to our INC app, the all-inclusive travel tool that our members receive complimentary to their policies. Along with that, when you sign up to our partnership program, you receive all of our marketing assets, co-branded landing (if you want), a Loom video that highlights all of our products, and our open calendar to chat with us whenever you want.

We manage our partnership in-house through a 3rd party platform, Tapfilate. However, you wonโ€™t have to see their branding anywhere as we manage all tracking links, conversions, commission/commission rate, and payouts.

Are there minimum requirements to join the partner program?

Not really! We ask that you have some kind of traction to your platform, whether youโ€™re a company or an individual. If youโ€™re just starting off, weโ€™d love to be a part of your launch!

The timeline for affiliates to start seeing results varies on their audience size and demand. Some of our partners have seen traction minutes after signing up, others have seen 6-12 months before their first policy conversion.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Learn more about the Insured Nomads affiliate program on our partner program page. You can also reach as at and connect with us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

โ€“ Thanks Chris, for the interview!

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We were excited to hear more about Insured Nomads and their Affiliate Program.

Thanks @Chris-Nam for sharing some behind the scenes info!

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Chief of Staff, Insured Nomads

Our partners are an extension of our story - we are so grateful for all the contribution they make to creating our brand and telling the world about us! We hope to see our friends from this Travel Massive platform join us as a partner to continue to grow our story so that every life we touch will be positively impacted. Email us at if you have any questions :)

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