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Barcelona travel industry seems to have it all: Big multinational companies, new rising stars, and a great local and international community. It becomes clear that the region turned into an exciting hub for travel industry companies and professionals.

Barcelona also captures the heart of everyone who visits. With beach, sun, avant-garde architecture, art and creativity it's no wonder it draws so much tourism and international buzz.

Our intention with Travel Massive Barcelona's community is to bring the travel industry organizations and professionals together. We look forward to meeting you!

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Founder, Travel Massive

Dear Barcelona Travel Massive members,

We're looking for NEW chapter leaders who would like to take over the Barcelona Travel Massive group.

πŸ‘‰ What's required? Host a meetup a few times a year, and get the community together.

Unfortunately our current chapter leaders have been MIA so we're putting a call out for people who would like to lead this group and be committed to a few hours a month to keep things organised.

If this is of interest, please DM me or email me

Founder, Travel Massive

Pinned Announced 3 months ago

Hi there!
QuΓ© tal?
Ian, I've sent you an email.
Hope you find it well :)

2 months ago

Hey Ian! Is this still relevant?

3 days ago
Travel Expert

Hello everyone, hola!
Just wondering if there`s anyone interested in reactivating this group! I think that even with the Omicron wave still very present, it is a great moment to create new connections and share what we`ve been up to!
So please comment here if you would like to meet, and maybe we can organize something?

Have a great day!!!

2 years ago
Digital Marketing Specialist

Totally agree - would love to reconnect!

2 years ago
Co-Founder and COO, Watatu Travel

let's do it!

2 years ago
Founder, oQQur

Let me know if you need any help organising the next event!

1 year ago
Managing Director, The Vlogfest

Hi everyone, I just joined the group. We are bringing this event to Barcelona - looking for collaborators so please feel free to reach out! Kathryn

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Off topic, but for Barcelona members... here's an interactive website that shows only 8% of Barcelona's streets are named after women!

6 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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