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Singapore Travel Massive A travel community in Singapore

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Travel Massive Singapore aims to gather the professionals, start-up owners, investors, hospitality businesses, bloggers, photographers and media companies with a shared passion in the travel industry.

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Hi, my name is Clare and I run Epic Road Rides, the travel website for cyclists.

1 year ago
Owner / Operator, Tour Guys

Hi Singapore Travel Massivonians! I'm a long-time member of Travel Massive from Toronto, and I'm relocating to Singapore this summer. I'll be looking forward to the next meet-up or event there and connecting with fellow travel professionals. Check out my bio and reach out of you like!

1 month ago
Blogger, A Head Full of Travel

Hi Jason, happy to have you around! I might be missing out on meeting you since I'm going to be away from June for at least a couple of months, but would look forward to meeting you after if there's an opportunity :)

1 month ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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