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Andrea Steyn
Radio Host and Independent Travel Agent, Radio Host: Independent Travel Agency: Included Travel

Radio Host: Gallavant Africa
A new travel radio station from South Africa to help anyone planning a trip here to understand the local culture, people, hear the voice of a traveler living in Cape Town.

Independent Travel Agent, and active local host in Cape Town.

Travel News: a group of expats and locals share knowledge in a community forum allowing anyone to post questions, drop some tips and advice, and where travel professionals and journalists provide the most recent news relating to Corona and ways to explore Africa with flights, visas, accommodation tips, and travellers who are isolating and need help abroad sometimes in a social setting.

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    The Bo-Kaap in Cape Town

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    Johannesburg Travel Massive


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    Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism

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    Sofia Travel Massive

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    Zambia Travel Massive

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    San Francisco Travel Massive

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    Responsible Tourism Group

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    Cape Town Travel Massive


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