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Jan Dolezal
Founder CEO, SmartGuide
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I am a passionate traveler and enterpreneur. After 10 years with McKinsey I recently founded SmartGuide to turn every phone into a private guide.

I lived on 4 continents, worked in 20 countries and traveled to 70 countries including some real adventures. If you want to know how it feels getting kissed by a shark in Panama, dining with cannibals in Indonesia, swimming in Ganges in Varanasi, witnessing air funeral in Tibet or hitchiking across Sahara, I am happy to share.

August 2018
Prague, Czech Republic
4 events
I founded SmartGuide to elevate the travel guide experience using latest technology incl. AR and AI. I am looking for partners.


  • We believe that locals are the best guides. But for many tourists, itโ€™s difficult to get a local guide because of budgets, language skills or availability. Unlessโ€ฆ a local guide is available right in your phone whenever you need it! This is why we crea... show more

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    SmartGuide 1 year ago

  • Hi Maud, have you ever thought about preparing self-guided tours for families in popular cities for your audience? You can create such tours easily and free on and choose to leave free to promote your brand or make the paid ... show more

  • I am a bit biased:) but have to recommend the SmartGuide app - audioguides and free self-guided tours in hundreds of destinations so that you can explore at your own pace and learn a lot more about the places you visit than what you would see from Googl... show more