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Dianne Bortoletto
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Writer. Blogger at Owner Pronto PR.
My favourite things are travel, food, wine, summer days, the island life, adventures and people watching.
I know my way around a kitchen, savour the joy of eating good food and love the sound of fast cars. A fantastic meal can keep me on a high for two days and I like supermarket shopping in foreign countries too - it's not weird!
Obsessed F1 fan 🏎
Perth, Melbourne, Margaret River & all things Italian. and

October 2015
Perth, WA
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I love travel and I work with travel industry - mostly PR and copywriting, and I'm a keen travel and food blogger, and to connect with like minded types

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  • Hey Ian. It's been quiet in Perth - a lot of people are bunkering down and avoiding covid since Perth is going its wave. As my family in Melb keep telling me, we're about 18 months behind Melb as far as covid goes. That said, Amanda and I have talked ab... show more

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    Perth Travel Massive 10 months ago