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Yank Down Under A Drink and A Look Around Australia

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Yank Down Under: A Drink and a Look Around Australia recounts my (mis)adventures and encounters with the characters, reptiles, food, sports, and beverages of Australia during my three years living there. Cruising the crocodile infested waters of the Northern Territory with an Indigenous tour guide; diving on the Great Barrier Reef; wine tasting in the Adelaide Hills; staggering through a drunken day of Australian Rules Football at the famed Melbourne Cricket Ground—there’s something for everyone, and plenty of dry wit to keep the story moving.

Plus, it’s a guide book, too! After each section, I offer a summary of my must-see spots and the tourist traps to avoid. Yank Down Under is designed to be “info-tainment”—a travel guide that will make you laugh, share some knowledge of Aussie culture and history, and maybe even help you plan your trip.

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Travel Author

Hi everyone, I'm Tim and I'm a newcomer to the Travel Massive world. I'm excited to share news about my new book recounting my three years living and traveling in Australia. It's called Yank Down Under: A Drink and A look Around Australia and the early feedback has been great--people are calling it "hilarious" so that's not exactly lowering expectations. The book is on Amazon and other book sites. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips on how I can get it in front of more eyeballs. Thanks!

9 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Tim, did you make it to Tasmania to tell any stories from down there? And did you attend an NRL match (way better game than AFL, haha!)

9 months ago
Travel Author

Hi Ian, Made it to Tassie, yep! I have a whole section on a road trip from Launceston to the coast and down to Hobart, which I really liked. Have you been to MONA in Hobart? What a wild place! And I did get to a couple Melbourne Storm rugby games, but I would debate that "better than AFL" claim. Anyway, AFL is religion in Melbourne, so I did not have a choice. If you read my diary of a day at the footy, you might change your mind!

9 months ago

Well done! I know what it takes to write a book so congrats! I found independent bookstores to be pretty open to stocking books from independent authors, ask around and maybe you can get it in stores. Otherwise, podcasts are a good way to go for talking more about your book :)

9 months ago
Travel Author

Hi Bianca, Thanks for the note. Yep, it was a long time coming and every time I thought I was done....it just kept on! But feels great to have to out there and it's been fun hearing feedback from everyone getting laughs from it. I will definitely work on the podcasts and try the indie bookstores, too. I was super busy in my 9-5 job after the launch, which was mostly social media through some "famous" friends, so now it's time to get cracking on the marketing. Thanks for the advice and let me know if you happen to read it.

9 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

I try and read a book or two for every country I visit. It makes my experience so much richer. And I also love fish out of water stories. Always provides for great contrasts and interesting perspectives. Congrats Tim!

8 months ago
Filmmaker, Switchback Entertainment

Loved it! Tim is hilarious.

8 months ago
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Yank Down Under

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